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  • Need Ideas for a Home Office ?

    At Work At Home – Design Ideas for Your Home Workplace by Neal Zimmerman

    Anyone who has ever thought about making a home office or has a home office and they want to be inspired to freshen it up or maybe move it to another whole area of your house needs this book! “Over 50 million Americans, the place the call work is home. While many home workers and telecommuters sit at a desk and computer, many other work in artist’s studios, sewing rooms, aerobics classrooms, even in tree houses.”

    This is an amazing book! I knew once I started looking through this book the author had to be an architect with his dedication to the details, the information, and the gorgeous color photos. It is a fresh take on home work spaces looks at a wide range of designs to suit some unique employment needs, from a day-care center to a dance studio. 300 color photos. 50 drawings.

    “Whatever the work and whatever the space, successful workplaces share three basic features: They balance work life and home life, they’re well planned and well organized, and they have a personal spirit about them that stimulates their owners to doe their best work.”

    His chapter titles and headings include: first steps, know your needs, choose your location, create the right environment, shared spaces, niche spaces, dedicated to work, adding on, a place of your own, and going public. I have checked out this book more than once and it has now move to my “I need to Buy” list and that is a very select list for me. I love books and reading books – but to get me to buy a book I need to have checked it out at the library at least 3 times and still want for it more.

    This is a gorgeous and stunning book filled with beautiful photographs with every possible idea and scenario for your home office. I am moving soon to a new house and I am soo inspired by this book to design my new home office. I am going to library right now to renew it while I am waiting for my next Barnes and Noble coupon to come in my e-mail so I can buy it!

    Personalized Clip Boards by Dabney Lee makes “to-do” lists so much fun. The lucite clip board with custom design works in the kitchen, on the desk at home and, of course, in your office. It’s the perfect way to keep things stylishly organized!

    Dabney Lee’s sassy file folders make work fun. The outside of the folders are printed in zebra moderne, criss cross, and happy tile patterns. Inside there are coordinating snappy interior patterns. Use these folders to hide boring paperwork. They make a great gift for students, grads and office make-overs.


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