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  • Archive for December, 2010

    Happy New Year!

    Friday, December 31st, 2010

    Happy New Years! Goodbye to 2010. It is time to welcome in 2011. Woohoo!

    Anyone have any resolutions for the new year? Every girl on the go needs a stylish magnetic note pad to keep track of her New Year Resolutions!

    This note pad comes beautifully wrapped in a cello bag with a red grosgrain bow. It is printed on recycled warm white text weight paper and makes a great gift for every girl.

    The text on the note pad reads:

    * New Year Resolutions… ( ) travel more ( ) get organized ( ) save $ ( ) exercise more ( ) eat healthier ( ) reduce stress ( ) volunteer ( ) enjoy life

    And just to start the year off right, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of this product will be donated to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation and other organizations promoting breast cancer awareness!

    There are many that make resolutions this time of year. Why not start on some of them with this momagenda kitchen folio. You can schedule in your exercise regime, volunteering, and get organized at the same time. This will also definitely help to bring down your stress level. With its personalization, stylish, faux-lizard cover and stain-resistance it is right at home in any kitchen or family room. Take the first step to a better and more organized you in the new year!

    With your new-found organization, perhaps more travel will be easier to attain as well. In that case, you will need a new travel bag. This personalized waffle cotton cosmetic bag is perfect for carrying all of babies small essentials. Fill with ointments, diaper rash creme, cotton balls, just about anything you can think of. This gift not only looks nice but is very useful as well. Finished around the middle with a colorful Grosgrain ribbon which can be removed for easy washing.

    All of your organization, exercise, volunteering and travel  will be sure to make your life a little rosier in the new year. So pull on your party hat and blow on your noise makers, because tonight you can celebrate the start of a new year and and new you!

    Happy New Year from all of us at!

    New Start

    Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

    Christmas is behind us and with it the end of an old year. New Year’s Eve is less than a week away, so thoughts fly to the year to come. Many think on how we can start the new year with a fresh start. We anticipate good things for the year to come and what better way to start the new year than to wake up in fresh bedding to start the day, and indeed the year off right. has lots to offer to help you with this little resolution;

    The Maxwell duvet by New Arrivals is the centerpiece of a wonderful collection for a boys room. The classic combination of blue, khaki and ivory fabrics comes together to add a versatile charm. This duvet is available in twin, full and queen sizes and goes with a coordinating khaki and white thin stripe bedskirt. Accessorize with a variety of pillows and other decorative pieces to create a wonderful space for child. Our Maxwell set will add a handsome touch.

    Or try something from the Serena & Lily Line.  The pimento french ring sheet set by Serena & Lily is one of signature patterns from Serena and Lily. These geometric rings in bold pimento provide amazing contrast and transcend gender and age, making it perfect for any bedroom. Each set includes a flat and a fitted sheet; one standard pillowcase for Twin and two standard cases for Full and Queen. There are two king cases for King and Cal King. Soft and comfortable it is a great way to complete any bedding collection.

    Now how about some new pillows? The Harvester Pillow Hypodown by Ogallala is as close to an organic pillow as we could come. The Harvester pillow is unbleached, undyed and chemically free cotton and features a built in pillow protector and piping. If you sleep on your stomach or back sinking into the Harvester soft Hypodown pillow is like being cradled in a cloud; yet it is versatile enough to be scrunched and molded to fit you no matter how you sleep. Bye, bye red eye – not with Hypodown! Research has proven that Syriaca clusters trap and suppress allergens found in down that cause allergic reactions. So, even allergy sufferers can sleep comfortably with Hypodown.

    So welcome in the New Year in comfort and style. You will sleep better and that is just the key to a fresh start for 2011!

    Fresh on the Go!

    Monday, December 27th, 2010

    There are many of us that travel during the holidays. We might travel across town to visit with friends or travel out of state to see distant relatives. The warm hugs and smiles make it worth all the effort.  If you travel with a baby, then you know  there are some realities that you have to keep in mind while you are on the road though. Babies are cute and cuddly, but invariably they are also messy! Spit-ups, flung food and arts and crafts projects to entertain your little one are all realities with children. Just because you are on the road doesn’t mean that you don’t care about your child’s clothes though. Here are some suggestions to keep your baby looking and smelling fresh while you enjoy time away from home and your washer!

    The Laundress Baby Travel Pack is the perfect combination of products for taking care of your little one while away from home. With Baby Detergent, Baby Fabric Fresh, Stain Solution, and a Hotel Baby Bag, you can keep the clothes next to your baby’s skin clean and soft. Making life just a little easier on the go!

    These baby Wash & Stain Bars by The Laundress are wonderful as an alternative to removing tough stains on your sweaters, delicates and more. This product can be used for spot cleaning, hand washing or laundering on the go! They’re not just for washing…place in a drawer, closet and luggage. Airplane friendly too!

    Or a little something for the stiff hotel sheets you plan to slide between. This luxury baby fabric freshener is perfect for the mom who has everything. The Laundress Fabric Fresh was developed to use on everything from furnishings to clothing to sneakers and more. This product is an anti-bacterial, odor remover that freshens with our favorite scents. You get 8 fl ounces to help the world around you smell fresh wherever you go.

    A Christmas Poem

    Friday, December 24th, 2010
    Christmas comes,
    but once a year.
    The house is filled
    with warmth and cheer.
    A heavenly scent
    of  turkey and pie
    Saturates the air;
    Mmmm, oh my!
    The gifts once wrapped
    now litter the floor.
    With glee and mirth
    children scream for more.
    The stockings limp
    and so are you
    So cheer and rejoice
    because now you are through!
    Merry Christmas
    to all and sundry
    We wish you joy and a fun day!

    merry christmas frame

    * Poem written by Katherine Krige

    Last Minute Preparations

    Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

    For any of you trying to desperately prepare for the holidays this week, how about we take a quick peek at what you can do before Christmas Eve;

    1. If you are hosting Christmas dinner at your house, dig out the table cloth you will be using, as well as the napkins. Give them a wash to freshen them up if needed, then iron them before you get too busy with stuffing turkeys, wrapping last minute gifts or trying to bake that last batch of Christmas cookies.
    2. While you are rifling around for the table cloth, why not pull down the silverware and hand it off to one of your darling children who are begging to help or just sorely in need of a distraction from their Christmas break and TV vigil. They can polish the silver while they watch Frosty the Snowman or The Santa Clause. One less thing for you to worry about! You have enough on your plate.
    3. Back to organizing. If your guests are coming from out of town you have to think about where you are going to put them. Forewarn Mary that she is getting kicked out of her room and change the sheets on her bed for Uncle Jim & Aunt Elise. They will appreciate the fresh duvet on the bed. Don’t forget to lay out some fresh towels and wash clothes for them as well.
    4. dwellstudio chocolate dot travel case

      If a road trip is in your future, you might feel like the hours are slipping by faster than you can keep up. Those gifts need to be bought, wrapped and packed before you can go anywhere, plus now you have to pick out clothes for you and the kids (hopefully not hubby too!). Why not iron and pack your Christmas day outfit before hand, so that you can focus on the other last minute tasks that are stretching in front of you.

    5. I know what you are thinking; you are never going to survive the holidays. Not true! Remember to breath, kiss all your children when you tuck them into bed and give thanks for all the blessings in your life. For the beauty of the season is the magic in the air, when peace hits you just right. Yes, right when you finally get a chance to fall onto the couch, turn to your partner and lift a cold one out of the ice bucket that he thoughtfully had chilling for you. Merry Christmas from!

      personalized ice buckets

    ***GIVEAWAY – Personalized Calendar***

    Monday, December 20th, 2010

    It is giveaway time once again! This week we have a personalized calendar for one lucky winner. This personalized calendar will add 12 months of style to your office! Each month has a fabulous design on the back so you can frame them to add instant sparkle to your office walls! Customized with your choice of color, style and monogram. It comes with a  lucite stand for displaying this pretty calendar. Perfect!


    1. Follow BabyBox on Twitter
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    3. Comment on the Blog about the decor of your office – home office or outside office. Please include your email address and twitter handle (if applicable) so we can notify you if you won.
    4. Tweet the Following: “RT @BabyBox – GIVEAWAY – Fun Personalized Calendar
    5. As this will be our last giveaway of the year, we are going to give you a little extra time to enter this one. Winners will be chosen Sunday night January 2nd, 2011.

    Good Luck! Happy Holidays!

    Winter Solstice

    Friday, December 17th, 2010

    The days are growing shorter and shorter. The night seems to stretch into eternity as winter takes holds. Never fear though as the Winter Solstice is upon us. December 21st is Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, which makes it the shortest day of the year. From this point on the sun will return back to us and the days will grow longer again.

    Traditionally, Winter Solstice has been celebrated as a time of rebirth with the promise of the sun’s return. Fires were lit and celebrations were held to honour the cycle of life continuing. We are all for celebrating at, so let’s light a fire of our own.

    Why not try this 100% Palm Wax Monogrammed Candle. It is hand-poured in Vermont and slowly melts (tunnels) into itself as it burns, creating the perfect holder for a tea light. The carving actually illuminates as it burns down! Our signature tunnel burn means the carved candle is yours to enjoy for years to come. It’s the perfect keepsake and it will light up the night  for you on the solstice.

    Or perhaps you would rather just turn on some lights. Well we have plenty of options in the lighting department. The Allessanda lamp by Art For Kids features intricate carving adorned with a gold trim on the edges. Complete the lamp with a beautiful ruffled shade. (Shade additional cost – not included). The lamp is a perfect finishing touch and beautiful in any room! It will disperse any of the dark corners left my the sun’s absence.

    But maybe you would just like to turn all the lights out and enjoy this quiet night of darkness. The stars will be pristine in the cold winter air, to be sure. A special treat is in store for any stargazers as well. This year the Winter Solstice is coinciding with a lunar eclipse! That has not occurred in 456 years, so perhaps worth peeking out the window when you are in the midst of that middle of the night feeding for baby.  Keep snug and warm on the longest night and remember that the days only get longer from here!

    serena & lily sprout star queen sheet set

    Warming up From Winter Weather

    Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

    Winter may not officially arrive for another week yet, but the temperatures outside certainly makes it feel wintry enough! Brrr! After running around buying those last minute Christmas gifts, you just need to warm back up again. Slip out of the coats and try one of these options to warm up with;

    For starters, take off your babies outside shoes and slip their little feet into these cute slippers. These cozy sheepskin baby booties in baby blue are a perfect way to keep those little toes warm and cozy. The boots are made from soft sheepskin and have laces that tie up ankle-high for a cute and sure fit. The ‘deluxe’ shearling inslide provides a soft breathable insulation. A favorite of celebrities, these booties are a wonderful gift for that special boy. They also come in caramel and light pink for the little girls in your life too!

    Once the feet begin to warm up,  its time to take care of the rest of the body. Surround your baby in this luxuriously soft and warm 100% cashmere blanket. They will not only look fashionable, but will be wrapped in the ultimate in comfort. Solid cable knit and ribbed trim design along the edges. The understated luxury and quality of each Rani Arabella piece derives from the commitment to creating exceptional products. Your baby will be all warm and atingle  in no time under this beautiful blanket!

    With baby snug and warm, now its time to warm up the insides. How about a hot chocolate? With marshmallows, of course! Whip up some hot cocoa for the crowd, then place them on this new large personalized lucite tray by Dabney Lee. Perfect for delivering hot chocolate and for many other occasions! Put it on your coffee table with your favorite magazines; Use it to serve breakfast to guests with a splash of color in the morning – a great way to start your day! Also an elegant piece for parties. This clear piece can be made unique by choosing your swatch style, monogram style and color. Adds a splash of color to any room decor.

    Now you can sit back by the roaring fire and relax, snug and warm for a winter evening.

    ***Giveaway: Topsy Turvy Cinderella Doll***

    Monday, December 13th, 2010

    It’s Giveaway time once again! This week we are featuring our Topsy Turvy Cinderella Doll. This Topsy Turvy Cinderella doll is perfect for your little girl. Poor Cinderella, dressed all in rags. Her only friend is the tiny mouse she keeps in her pocket and a broom in her hand. Turn her upside down, however, and behold! Beautiful Cinderella appears as a princess with an upswept hairdo, wearing a beautiful ball gown and  holding one of her glass slippers. This toy will bring hours of entertaining fun, but the question is who will be the favorite; our girl in her rags or riches?

    Topsy Turvy Cinderella Doll


    1. Follow BabyBox on Twitter
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    3. Comment on the Blog about your favorite fairy tale story. Please include your email address and twitter handle (if applicable) so we can notify you if you won.
    4. Tweet the Following: “RT @BabyBox – GIVEAWAY – Topsy Turvy Cinderella Doll
    5. Winners will be chosen Sunday night December 19th, 2010

    Good Luck!

    How to avoid the Shopping Flurries

    Friday, December 10th, 2010

    I know that everyone is out shopping and fighting through the crowds right now. The malls are packed and the parking lots are enough to put you on Santa’s naughty list for several years to come as you weave in and out looking for that spot closest to the door. You fly by Santa in his red and green throne, but don’t you just want to stop and go over to hug that big guy? Maybe ask him to pretty please turn back the clock, so that you can be 6 again and wish upon a star? Or at least not have to stand in line a dozen deep to get that very last iPad for your teenage son, before whisking off to the grocery store to snag fixings for cookies and a gingerbread house that you will never have time to actually make?

    Yeah, us too…

    You know what though? We can help.

    So stay away from the malls with their insane parking lots and lineups out the door, and do your shopping with us at Plus don’t forget to enter to win our Turtle Twilight Giveaway contest at And to sweeten the deal;

    15% off orders over $1,500 using code: HOLIDAY15

    20% off orders over $2,500 using code: HOLIDAY20

    25% off orders over $3,500 using code: HOLIDAY25

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