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  • Archive for August, 2011

    Time to Relax…

    Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

    Don’t know about you, but after battling the weather last weekend, followed by the subsequent cleanup, we are ready for some relaxation today! Who’s with me?! Let’s head to the spa, nibble on some tasty tidbits, and let all of the toils and cares from the world go for a moment, shall we. Or barring the spa (if they are not quite back up and running again), create an oasis of peace at home. Ah…


    First things first, let’s strip off all those grubby clothes from cleaning up the yard. You need something soft and luxurious to slip into. This spa robe by Peacock Alley is a must have for an new mom or dad. Soft as silk, plush as velour and light as a feather, you will feel heavenly when you slip it on. The exceptionally soft texture of these robes improves with laundering and wear, creating the ultimate spa experience at home or away. It is a soft ankle length robe, that comes in white, taupe, blue, pink or ivory, and can even be monogrammed if desired. Ideal for men or women, you might need to get a his and hers set.


    Now what was that you said about nibblies a few minutes ago? Bring them on! I am starved. Oh, and what a pretty tray you are serving them on! Bon appetit with these personalized chain pattern platters beautifully designed by Clairebella. They are ideal for serving appetizers, snacks or burgers at every outdoor or indoor party. These platters are stylish enough that you will never put them away! Keep glasses, jars, snacks, anything you want on display with the help of our platters. There are different patterns available with customized names, designs, fonts, and colors as per the owners choice and preference. Custom designed in any design or colorway with a monogram, name or cute phrase suited to taste. A perfect gift for weddings, bridal showers or the holidays.


    To set the mood even further, let’s light a few candles. We appreciate every moment we are given, especially after facing adversity, so why not light your very best candles. What is better than the August Baby Candle? It is a sweet relaxing way to enjoy life and your summer baby. That’s right, this is a maternity birth month candle. Illuminate this beautiful maternity candle and reflect on the beauty within you. Lighting this dual wick, one for mommy and one for baby, will radiate the warmth and love you feel for your precious “baby bump” and evoke your “maternal flame.” has candles for every month, and they are all personalized for your baby. The August baby holds a great spirit and is a brave and fearless leader. Though observant and cautious at times, your little bundle will love to joke and will make friends easily. Attractive and very romantic, your precious little one will also have an appreciation of the arts and music.


    Now lie back and relax. And we know just where to do it! The Marcela Chaise by Art For Kids is the perfect place to relax. The chaise features beautiful handcrafted woodwork and an upholstered seat. The piece is an elegant accent to any room. Each piece is custom done and is available in many different finishes. The only problem with it is that once you sit down, you might never want to get up again! After all the hard work that you’ve done this week though, you deserve it. So put up your feet and rest a while. Tomorrow will come soon enough.

    A Look at Irene in her Wake

    Monday, August 29th, 2011

    wooden framed wall letter - "i"


    for Irene, who packed such a wallop. Unless you have been living under a rock, everyone heard tell about this monster sized hurricane that swept through the Caribbean and into the US this past weekend. It was all anyone could talk about for a good week before it arrived. People stocked up on bottled water, candles, batteries, gasoline, food and made sure that all of their electronica was fully charged, as they battened down the hatches. While she has finally moved off, the cleanup remains and the tallies for total damages still remain to be seen.


    tiny umbrella lunch box


    for the rain that pummeled the coast. And pummel it, it did. While some regions got off lighter than others, there are many areas that are still flooded. Eastern North Carolina reported 10-14 inches of rain in some areas on Saturday. Hampton Roads, Virginia saw 9 inches, with isolated areas getting upwards of 16 inches. Maryland, Washington and Philadelphia all got a taste of Irene’s wrath, as she churned her way North towards New Jersey, New York and New England. Even right here in Connecticut we were not spared, and Burlington gauged that they received 7.45 inches of rain. I think it is safe to say that no more rain is wanted for the near future in any of these states for a while.


    children's wall mural - usa license plate map light blue


    as in the East Coast. While other parts of the US enjoyed sunshine, the East Coast braced through rain, wind and the terror that lies in a rare hurricane for many of these parts. At present, there are 29 people reported dead and millions still without power. With water levels at record heights, many locations are still watching dams and holding their breath that more flooding does not occur. As it is, Lowe’s and Home Depot will be raking in the profits as people struggle with the aftermath of Irene’s wallop this past weekend.


    i love new york holiday (or ANY time rain or shine!)


    Poor New Yorkers didn’t know what to think with a hurricane coming barreling at them. They hadn’t seen a storm like the one that was forecast in over 100 years. Mayor Michael Bloomberg didn’t take any chances either. Lower Manhattan was evacuated for the first time ever, the entire public transport system was shut down, and despite a few stubborn folks who refused to heed the warnings, everyone was on high alert. While it turned out that New York was spared the worst of the storm’s damages, Yonkers still got 8.15 inches and East Moriches clocked 71 mph winds.



    for Enough! Thank goodness she’s gone! While Irene has now been downgraded to a tropical storm, she is still spinning her way north through Eastern Canada. Over the days that she tracked over the Eastern Coast, she refused to be taken lightly and will not be forgotten any time soon. For those that now face the gargantuan task of cleaning up the mess, I am sure you might breath a sigh of relief, but don’t feel so “lucky” to be where you are. So from, we hope that you are safe and dry, or at the very least, will be that way soon! We wish you well and Hurricane Irene GOOD BYE!

    Women’s Equality Day

    Friday, August 26th, 2011

    hand painted picture frame - the girls

    Today we commemorate the 19th amendment to the United States Constitution, otherwise known as the day when women were granted the right to vote. Yes, today is Women’s Equality Day. Can you believe that this momentous decision only happened on August 26th, 1920? It wasn’t until 1971 that Rep. Bella Abzug even brought the motion to Congress for the day to be recognized at all. That’s not to say that women had not been fighting for equal rights prior to either of those days. In 1848, the world’s first women’s rights convention convened in Seneca Falls, NY. While that marked the formal beginning of the women’s suffrage movement, women had been struggling to be recognized as equal beings for years prior to that. To further recognize those struggles and the ones that women still have to grapple with today, wanted to share the content of the 19th amendment here(compliments of wikipedia);


    “WHEREAS, the women of the United States have been treated as second-class citizens and have not been entitled the full rights and privileges, public or private, legal or institutional, which are available to male citizens of the United States; and
    WHEREAS, the women of the United States have united to assure that these rights and privileges are available to all citizens equally regardless of sex;
    WHEREAS, the women of the United States have designated August 26th, the anniversary date of the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment, as symbol of the continued fight for equal rights: and
    WHEREAS, the women of United States are to be commended and supported in their organizations and activities,
    NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, that August 26th of each year is designated as “Women’s Equality Day,” and the President is authorized and requested to issue a proclamation annually in commemoration of that day in 1920, on which the women of America were first given the right to vote, and that day in 1970, on which a nationwide demonstration for women’s rights took place.”


    peace and happiness

    Thankfully today, our children do not have to know the depths of these struggles in the US. That being said, there are still women all over the world that are held in the yoke of inequality though. Sadly, women are still considered chattel in certain cultures and regions around the globe. Violence is a real threat that can silence women’s voices everywhere. Even at its inception in 1945, the United Nations recognized that women were a special interest group in need of support. Today they have a merged their women’s groups into one united group the “UN Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women – or UN Women“ to focus on ending violence, and promoting peace and security for all.


    peace train front engine wall art by sharon furner

    So to women everywhere, salutes you. We are mothers, wives, daughters, friends and WOMEN! We are worthy of love, respect, equality and a world free of violence and harm. We wish all women everywhere peace and happiness. While we wish that every day could hold these tenets true, today is Women’s Equality Day and we are thankful for all that it represents for us. A toast to women everywhere! Peace!

    School Spirit

    Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

    Along with all of those extra-curricular activities outside of school, there are armloads full of activities right at your child’s school as well. The first day your child walks into their new school, they will be bombarded with school spirit everywhere, from trophy cases, to mascots and everything in between. Every school has its own brand of school spirit too. It comes in the form of Friday night football games down at the field, the local basketball team that has the whole county in a frenzy, and the debating team that can’t be beat state-wide. You might be cheering for the panthers, rangers or eagles in blue, gold or orange, but that spirit will be everywhere. I bet Mom and Dad can even remember those fun days of cheering from the side-lines for your school’s team, be it as a cheerleader or just a regular fan. Or even better, to have been the star yourself. Even I can still raise a pom pom or two in a pinch, especially when I think back to my beloved Alma Mater. So celebrates school spirit today, with a look at some items that help to promote school spirit in your household.


    Peace signs are super popular…why not wear your peace sign just a little different from the rest! Show your school spirit and put your school name or initials on this shirt. Your customized logo, complete with your child’s name, will be printed on a high quality, 100% ringspun cotton tee shirt* or baby onesie in your choice of colors. Make yours a long sleeved shirt for only $2 more!


    Here is another thing you can don to show your school spirit. This personalized children’s alumni sweater is custom knit in your favorite School, College or University. Mom or Dad’s School can be chosen for the front and the back of the sweater will include the school number and child’s name as well. Some customer’s choose to enter child’s birth year as their number choice as well. Add your favorite number and personalize with your child’s name for a great sweater that is fun to wear. Name is on front. Name and number on back. Knit in the USA with 100% cotton yarn and prewashed to minimize shrinkage.


    If you have enough school spirit in your child’s closet, what about around their room? This frame is a perfect way to keep cheering on your school spirit. Celebrate graduation with these custom painted logo picture frames. Each frame is painted featuring your school name or single initial and year of your choice. We hand paint your college or high school logo with custom mixed paint, on one of our frames. Our logo frame comes with gingham or tartan ribbon trim. No need to pick the color, as we will correspond with you once you let us know the school.


    The cheerleader in all of us can’t resist this colorful wall art. This “Spirit” wall art canvas reproduction from Oopsy Daisy by Roger Groth incites school spirit in a fun and attractive way. This top quality canvas reproduction is made using the Giclee printing process and has the look and feel of an original painting. Each canvas is stretched over wood bars, glass-free, and comes ready to hang! No framing is required. This is the ideal surface for kids rooms as there is no glass to break! Artwork is finished on all sides and comes with a wire hanger for wall mounting. It can easily be wiped clean with a soft, dry cloth. Makes a great gift idea. Designed by artist Roger Groth and it comes with the artist’s biography attached to the back.

    Time to Think About Extra-Curricular Activities Again

    Monday, August 22nd, 2011

    Across the country children have returned to school for another year, or are anxiously counting their last few days of freedom before it begins. Honestly, we don’t know why back to school time can be dreaded so much though. The start of the school year is an exciting time of learning and fun! Children get to see friends they haven’t seen all summer, meet new friends and teachers, plus get to start participating in all the great extracurricular activities that have been dormant all summer. Yes, after the day’s learning is done and the bell has rung, it is time to head out for the extracurricular activities that help to make your child a well-rounded individual. Whether it be football, ballet, lacrosse or piano lessons, get your children signed up for something soon and watch them blossom into the fabulous people they long to be. In honor of all the fun, would like to highlight some of the sports and activities that are available out there for your child, and that you might like to bring home for your child.


    If lacrosse is the game of choice at your house, look what we have here. The “Lacrosse Athlete” wall art from Oopsy Daisy by Aaron Christensen uses large icons of the game and bold colors to make modern artwork. This top quality canvas reproduction is made using the Giclee printing process and has the look and feel of an original painting. Each piece is stretched over wood bars, glass-free, and comes ready to hang! No framing is required. This is the ideal surface for kids’ rooms as there is no glass to break! Artwork is finished on all sides and comes with a wire hanger for wall mounting. It can easily be wiped clean with a soft, dry cloth. Makes a great gift idea. Designed by artist Aaron Christensen and it comes with his biography attached to the back.


    When football is on your child’s mind all the time, why not think about putting it on their chests too! This personalized football pattern classic long sleeve tee shirt (youth size) will look adorable on any boy. Designed with red, brown and white football print, it is classic and unique. Same style as our classic style long sleeve tee, but available in larger sizes for older children. Made from 100% cotton and easy to care for. While youth sizes come in 8, 10 and 12, we also carry infant and toddler sizes, as well as short-sleeve, capsleeve, tank tops and baseball tees available in this design.


    For your little prima ballerina, give her a ballerina all her own to love. The Ballerina Pal Knit Doll is the perfect way to enjoy a playdate. The adorable ballet dancer is decorated with a hand knit dress complete with fun tutu. So soft and cuddly, this Sweeters Pals can be personalized and done with brown or blond hair. She can practice her pliés, then get her knit doll to copy everything that she does! It makes a great companion for any girl.


    Every baby boy will love this sports-themed baby blanket personalized with their name! Choose from three super-soft fabrics in a wide array of colors to make this blanket the perfect complement to any nursery, stroller or play area. Part of the charm of this blanket is that each is handmade. Each design is hand-traced and cut by hand, and a lot of attention to the special requests made for each blanket. As a result, it generally takes four to six weeks for an order to be completed.


    Do your kids live, dream and eat everything sports related? Here we have perfect thing for just that child – the sports baby plate. It is ideal for your sporty little boy or girl! With fun, kid print in the center and sports equipment bordering its edge, this plate will bring smiles to every meal. The border is hand-painted including items from all sporting activities, from football to tennis. In the center you can personalize the plate with any name you wish. The plate is orderable in two sizes, 8.5 or 10.5 inches and can have a custom message on the back.


    Do you have a budding musician at your house? This Schoenhut’s® “Elite baby grand piano” is designed keeping the three-to-nine-year-old in mind. This toddler sized piano is the perfect choice for introducing a young child to the world of music. This piano is fun and educational (and also extremely durable). It is the ideal instrument to promote eye-hand coordination and develop musical creativity. This smaller version of grand piano is designed for a child with serious musical aspirations. Perfect for practicing at home after music lessons.


    Soaring High For National Aviation Day

    Friday, August 19th, 2011

    Who would have known? Today is National Aviation Day in the US. Way back in 1939, President Franklin D. Roosevelt proclaimed that August 19th should mark this date to commemorate the history and glory of aviation. Why the 19th you wonder? Well it seemed appropriate, as it was Orville’s Wright’s birthday and he is credited with the first successful flight back in 1903. Those precious 12 seconds and 120 feet, began the age of flight that we take for granted today. With that first tentative soaring jump off the ground, the sky was no longer the limit. So today, we salute all that the Wright brothers helped to start and make possible. loves airplanes too, so watch out as we let them soar through our blog today.


    Let’s go back to the start of the aviation age with a look at some vintage airplanes. The Vintage Airplanes sleigh crib by Sweet Beginnings brings an aviation theme to the room. The crib with its classic plane motif will enthrall your young pilot. Handpainted and made from fine wood, the crib is available in many colors so that you can truly customize the piece to match any child’s room or decor. There are three mattress height settings. This crib is heirloom quality and sure to be enjoyed for years to come. Here is the perfect start for a budding aviation enthusiast to come!


    What better thing to hang over that vintage airplane sleigh crib, than an airplane mobile! Your little one can pretend to be a pilot while watching these small colorful airplanes flying over head. The bright red, yellow, blue and green planes float gently around a cloud and will delight your future aviator for hours. This mobile is mounted on strings and pre-assembled with the hanger system. You just need to “click” the single elements together. Made in Denmark. Makes a wonderful addition to any room.


    When your child’s collection of airplanes gets too big for the top of the dresser, it might be time to look for more storage space. This vintage airplane hand painted toy chest by Art for Kids is the perfect thing! It is a great addition to any child’s room. Use it to store toys and other items and add fun to the room. Makes a great gift for that special boy in your life or even that little girl that can’t get enough of airplanes.


    And if there aren’t enough airplanes in your child’s room, then why not hang some on the walls. This “Airport” Oopsy daisy Wall art by Jill McDonald, brings the thrilling and exciting world of airports and airplanes into your child’s room. This top quality canvas reproduction is made using the Giclee printing process and has the look and feel of an original painting. Each piece is stretched over wood bars with no glass to break and is equipped with a wire hanger on the back for easy wall displaying. No additional framing is necessary. Each canvas is decoratively finished along the 3/4 inch thick sides. It can be wiped clean with a soft, dry cloth. Makes a wonderful addition to any child’s room, playroom or even beach house. Designed by artist Jill McDonald and it comes with his biography attached to the back.


    Heck, why not even dress your little aviation enthusiast in their own airplane pjs! Busy Bees classic vintage inspired loungewear is the ultimate statement in stylish lounging. Elastic drawstring waist, long sleeves and contrast button stitching in luxurious cotton. Airplanes pjs in a chic charcoal grey with grey piping. Sizes 12m, 18m, 2-12. This lounge wear will be your little guys favorite pjs for a long time to come.


    And with that, we thank the Wright Brothers for starting us out on the right flight path to soar to the sky and beyond!

    Spotlight on Stella & Dot

    Wednesday, August 17th, 2011


    Did you know that carries Stella & Dot Jewelry? That’s right! Our proud owner, Katherine Styne Type, decided to add the Stella & Dot line to the products available from in March of 2010. She recognized that their necklaces, bracelets, earrings, brooches, rings and even a children’s line, would add another fabulous aspect to her business. How could it not, with something beautiful available for all women to enjoy, be it from one of Stella & Dot’s hot new Fall 2011 trends, to their Day to Night line and so much more. They even have a section for items Under $50 for those that want one of Stella & Dot’s signature pieces, but are worried about the price point. You don’t have much to worry about there though, as these irresistible pieces are all within an affordable range. With loads of stunning items found throughout the site, it might be hard to pick just one item though, so be sure to browse extensively!



    What is the story behind Stella & Dot though, you wonder? We are thrilled to share a little more about this fabulous home-based business with you today. Stella & Dot was founded by Jessica Herrin back in 2003. Co-founder of, she was no stranger to the entrepreneurial spirit that helped her to launch Stella & Dot. With the birth of her first child, she also launched into the birth of a new company, spending evenings and weekends designing jewelry and a website to help promote her new venture. A trunk show in Austin, TX introduced her to the world and she did not look back. By the time her second child was born she had attended hundreds of trunk shows and could boast $1 million dollars in sales. Her vision was “TO GIVE EVERY WOMAN THE MEANS TO STYLE HER OWN LIFE” and over the years, it is obvious that she has made this dream a reality.



    With celebrated New York designers and stylists being added all the time, Stella & Dot has been a success story worth checking out. They were listed 67th on the Inc. 500 Fastest-Growing companies in 2010 and despite the struggling economy,  grew by  760% according to 2009 statistics. They have been featured in magazines such as InStyle, Essence, Lucky, Red Book, People, Marie Claire and more. The New York Times, The Today Show and Wall Street Journal have all praised the company for its innovative ecommerce and sales methods, as well as its personal services and passion to support today’s entrepreneurial women. Even celebrities such as Entertainment Tonight’s Samantha Harris, Dancing with the Stars’ Lacey Schwimmer, Grey’s Anatomy’s Sara Ramirez, Rachel Ray, Patti LaBelle, Debra Messing, Penelope Cruz , Kelly Ripa and more have all be spied wearing Stella & Dot jewelry.



    If that isn’t enough for you, Stella & Dot also formed the Stella & Dot Foundation in 2010, to help support women through education and economic empowerment. The mission of the foundation mirrors the mission statement for their stylists, with the aim to empower women to succeed in life. The foundation  supports organizations that help to empower women at every stage of their lives, through organizations such as Accion USA, buildOn and Girls Inc. Focusing on women in low to moderate income brackets, after-school programs for under-served high school students, building schools and literary programs in developing countries, as well as focusing on educational programs for at-risk youth in Canada and the US, the Stella & Dot Foundation hopes to empower girls and women everywhere. It is hard to knock this truly positive and worthwhile organization.



    While you can find Stella & Dot on Facebook and Twitter, you don’t have to look any farther than to take advantage of this fabulous company and its beautiful jewelry. We hope you stop by to admire some of their unique pieces today and be sure to let us know which one you just can’t live without! We are happy to serve you and help YOU step into your world with a passionate and bold step forward.

    Back to School Outfit Suggestions

    Monday, August 15th, 2011

    The days are counting down! Back to school is on the way. You have scrubbed up your princess’s lunch box and bought a new backpack for junior. One of our favorite things to start off the school year right though is a new outfit to start school in style. Even though the first day of school always comes with nervous butterflies, knowing that you are dressed for success is half the battle. We understand and want to help. Here are a few of our newest outfits to help your little one shine, as they proudly start off the 2011/12 school year with pride.


    This dress is sure to please in either chocolate brown or red. Ideal for Fall and Winter, the Bella Bliss Cableknit turtle neck style dress is one of our most popular. It has classic cableknit detailing down the center and is finished with mother of pearl button detail at side. This soft and cozy dress comes in size from 2-12 years, so perfect for your little going off to daycare, preschool or primary school!


    We have something nice for your young man as well. The beautiful cashmere blend half zip sweater by Bella Bliss is a must have for any boy. Super soft with easy half zipper up the front. This boy’s sweater is made of a combination of cashmere and cotton and is a perfect year-round favorite. It comes in either solid navy or red, or striped slate/red or even striped navy/blue. With sizes from 2-12 years, you might want to get more than one for when he hits that growth spurt a month from now!


    We also have these soft spun cotton knit polo shirts. They are rugged enough for outdoor playgrounds, yet very sweet with its ruffled collar and puffed bubble sleeves for any dressier occasion. Sumptuous cotton knit, we guarantee that your little girl will want more than one of these. So just because of that, we have them in Pink and Khaki Stripe, Navy/Khaki Stripe, or Solid Deep Pink. Timeless and classic, and a must have for this year’s school term!


    For the discerning preppy infant and toddler boy, we have a new twist on an iconic classic….the Milling Longall. Classic cotton overalls feature center patch pocket and contrast piping in a selection of vivid colors and checks. If he is headed to daycare or school, we have got you covered with sizes from 12 months to 12 years. They are too cute to pass up!


    There are so many more beautiful outfits that we would love to show you, but this post only has so much room. Please check out our full range of clothing lines on our site to find your perfect back to school outfit for your children. Happy shopping!

    Change Our World

    Friday, August 12th, 2011

    peace around the world wall art canvas reproduction by sharon furner

    Today is International Youth Day. This year’s Youth Day celebrations are special, as they culminate the end of the International Year of Youth, as declared by the United Nations. From August 11, 2010 to today, the world has focused on youth and tried to make “Dialogue and Mutual Understanding” integral to all of its initiatives. This year has also been symbolic, as it marks the 25th anniversary of the first International Year of Youth in 1985. The objective, as stated in the UN’s website, has been that “Everyone is invited to promote the ideals of peace, freedom, progress and solidarity towards the promotion of youth development and the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals“. How can one not applaud that?


    sweet beginnings hand painted armoire - old world explorer

    Every year the UN has a theme for its Youth Day celebrations. This year is no different and with even more focus on the youth of the world, a theme needed to reflect the global nature of our world’s youth and their place in it, hence the theme “CHANGE OUR WORLD“. They have looked to the youth of the world to make it a better place for all, starting at local levels and having it ripple out beyond their own backyard. The UN is well aware that the youth of today are attuned to the breadth and scope of social media as well and even made up a Facebook page to attract more young people where they already are. They know that today’s youth are out there connecting with people all over the world every day. If we can empower them to reach out and make a change for the better, than they can change our world.


    large peace sign blanket

    At, we understand the value of children. Children are the reason we get up in the morning and they are often the ones that drive us to bed exhausted at night. We love our children though and would lay down our lives for them, whenever or wherever asked. By empowering the young people in the world to come together to make a difference, hopefully we can change our world for the better though. Reaching out and uniting youth into a global community of peace and harmony, where everyone can be free to grow and thrive will indeed make the world a better place. How do you inspire the youth in your world to make a difference? Perhaps its time you asked yourself what you can do to help.

    Getting Ready for Back-To-School Routines

    Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

    It’s August. The mantra “I’m bored!” can be heard from school-aged children across the country. Kids look forward to the summer holidays with a passion, but it never seems to take long for them to become listless and searching you out for something to do. As the summer wears on, there is a bright spot to look forward to though – Back to School! It’s coming up fast too. Before you know it, you will be packing lunches every day, running from “meet the teacher” meetings to ballet lessons, and trying to fit in cleaning the house between a few precious minutes snatched for a workout or two.


    If you are ready to say goodbye to your kids underfoot, but a little nervous about jumping back into routine, has some great suggestions of how to make the transition a little easier. For one, instead of taking all the responsibility onto your own shoulders for all of the household tasks, why not think about getting your children to help out with the chores. Giving them some responsibilities not only helps you, but it also encourages them to be responsible for their own actions. While you might not have your 6-year-old cutting the grass, they certainly are able to help empty the dishwasher. Getting your kids to bring their laundry baskets to the laundry room saves you a few steps, plus lets them know that dirty clothes don’t magically clean themselves. And introducing a child-sized broom to your little one is a staple concept in the Montessori education, so why not bring that idea into your own home as well. Children love the praise they receive when they help out, so  get them helping whenever and wherever they can! You will be helping them to establish good organization skills and routines of their own for a lifetime.


    So why not start your back to school routines with a fresh start all around. Sit down for a family meeting and craft up a family chore chart. Our custom children’s chore charts make this activity fun for the whole family. With custom options specific to your child’s age and chores, each column can be personalized. From “practice piano, water plants, make bed, to practice violin, walk dog or make bed, each can be original to your own household. Cuter than any that we have seen, your little one will be eager to earn gold stars with our adorable chore chart. Specify up to nine tasks and we include the classic gold star stickers to make marking accomplished chores a breeze. Set a goal each week and fill in the “prize” that will be won if the child earns enough stars. This is a great age-appropriate reward system that will encourage responsibility and independence. Your child will be scrambling to clean up those toys in order to “win” a scoop of ice cream, a new Matchbox car or a trip to the Zoo!


    Another item that all Moms everywhere need to have on their wish list is the ubiquitous calendar. Back to school always means back to extra-curricular activities. The ability to keep track of them all can take a herculean effort, unless you have a little help. The momAgenda Weekly Planner Desk Pad was created for just that reason. It is a great gift for a new Mom and a great addition to the household as well. Same great format, now for the whole family! The momAgenda family schedule pad features the unique momAgenda weekly format, with separate spaces for each person in the family… whether you keep it on the kitchen counter or on the fridge, the whole family will be more organized!


    If you need more room to write everything down though, we have you covered there as well. Introducing the momagenda desktop planner 2011-2012 (seen here in “giraffe” pattern). Stay super organized, with this super chic desktop planner by momAgneda. Brand new colors for the season, even in bold animal prints. Add personalization for a very sophisticated and personalized planner. Makes for a great gift for new moms!


    If you still need someplace else to jot down your to-do list though, we have another simple solution – the juggling mom note pad – set of three. Any Mother needs a stylish magnetic note pad to keep track of her busy day! This card features a busy mom juggling all of her to-do items. This Juggling Mom note pad comes beautifully wrapped in a cello bag with a pink grosgrain bow and makes a great gift for every busy mother. Aside from juggling grocery shopping, soccer, babies and more, Mom needs to be able to remember it all. This will help. The cute notepads might even bring a smile to poor Mom’s face when she reads the text on the pad - ”So much to do…so little time”. As an added bonus, you can feel good about purchasing these pads as not only are they printed on recycled natural white text weight paper, but a portion of the proceeds from the sale of this product will be donated to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation and other organizations promoting breast cancer awareness as well.


    So try not to sweat the start of back to school routines too much. If you can get organized now, then when your little ones sail away on the bus on the first day of school, you will be able to jump into your own day feeling organized and ready to take on the world yourself!

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