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  • Get Organized This Fall!

    The summer is a time of lazy days and long nights watching the stars twinkle overhead. Schedules and routines take a well-deserved siesta for a season, as we relax into the beauty that is summer. With the school session beginning and September almost upon us, it is time to get back into the swing of things again though. How do you get organized after a summer spent at the beach, pool or lazily watching the days whiz by in the comfort of your backyard? Do you need a few ideas of how you can smoothly re-organize you and the kids back to school, homework and extra-curricular activities, without spinning out of control. Put overdrive on pause and think about adding these helpful tools to keep life on an even keel.


    Let’s start with a weekly planner that will catch your eye. The momAgenda Weekly Planner Desk Pad is a great gift for a new Mom and a great addition to the household as well. Same great format, now for the whole family! The momAgenda family schedule pad features the unique momAgenda weekly format, with separate spaces for each person in the family? Whether you keep it on the kitchen counter or on the fridge, the whole family will be more organized!


    That covers the big things, but what about the everyday items like chores? Our custom children’s chore charts are unique and fun. With custom option specific to your child’s age and chores, each column can be personalized. From “practice piano, water plants, make bed, to practice violin, walk dog, make bed, each can be original to your own household. Cuter than any that we have seen, your little one will be eager to earn gold stars with our adorable chore chart. Specify up to nine tasks and we include the classic gold star stickers to make marking accomplished chores a breeze. Set a goal each week and fill in the “prize” that will be won if the child earns enough stars. An age-appropriate reward system that will encourage responsibility and independence. Your child will be scrambling to clean up those toys in order to “win” a scoop of ice cream, a new Matchbox car or a trip to the Zoo! Printed on natural white, text-weight paper. Order includes (2) pads with 50 sheets per pad, plus 275 gold foil stickers. Additional stickers available for purchase. Pads measure 9″ x 7.5″ inches.


    Now we’re cooking! Oh, speaking of cooking, sometimes that can be a chore in and of itself, don’t you think? I don’t know how often I have debated what to make for dinner and realize that I better make up my mind fast, as the clock says that should be served now! Take the stress out of mealtime with this weekly meal planner by MomAgenda. It is fabulous for the mom who has it all together. Our combo meal planner/day planner pad comes to the rescue! Here, you can track the weekly activities and plan meals accordingly. Now evening carpools won’t leave you scrambling to get something on the table. Each sheet has a bright orange border, and covers one full week. This undated pad has a magnet on the back so you can hang it on the fridge and keep the whole family on track.


    Now all that’s left to organize are the myriad playdates that should ensue when your child finds a new best friend at school that they have to hang out with. These fun personalized calling cards for Mom make life easy. No more searching for a pen and scrap of paper to scribble phone numbers on. Play dates and other arrangements can now be easy. This item features 48 2.5″ circles printed on 110lb card stock created with a professional inkjet printer. A great gift for mother’s everywhere.


    Happy Back-to-School season and good luck with your new routines!

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