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  • The Weekend Awaits!

    Time for the weekend. Just in time, too! I could use some downtime. How about you? What does your weekend look like? Are you at the arena at 6am for hockey practice or lying in bed until the crack of noon? Do you casually sip coffee over the morning newspaper or are you busily preparing a stack of pancakes a mile high with the kids? Put some blueberries in my pancake, if you are making them! I will need it to fuel all the running around that the weekend entails in my world. Groceries, dance lessons, music practice and more. Or was this the weekend that we were going to remodel the dining room in anticipation of the upcoming holidays? Time to check my planner, before tossing it into the desk drawer at 5pm. Bring on that weekend!



    First things, first; how about a cocktail to help unwind after a long week. Hand over that martini in my personalized cocktail glass please! Say goodbye to the pantyhose for the weekend and hello to fuzzy slippers for the rest of the night. Now that’s the way to start a lovely evening with maybe even a romantic fire to set the tone. Nice!


    Depending upon how many cocktails you had, AND of course the demanding nature of your children, might determine what time you roll out of bed in the morning. No one would blame you for wanting to stay in bed all day though, when you have this comforter to snuggle underneath. The Pearl Crescent Classic Comforter can only be described as billowy clouds of softness. It’s unique baffled honeycomb design keeps the soft down interior aloft, even after being used as a sleeping bag in front of a roaring fireplace on Christmas Eve. Hypodown 800 will surround you in coziness, while it’s breathability is unmatched in the Classic weight category. It combines two of nature’s most unique fibers to give you a tranquil, restful night’s sleep. Our Hypodown blend is four parts white goose down and one part Syriaca clusters, a fiber from the milkweed plant. The two work hand in hand to give you the best of their natural abilities: warmth and comfort. The 330 thread count cotton and satin piping billows over the bed so thickly that one can’t be sure where, if anywhere, lies a sleeping person. To create the ultimate in a luxury bed, add Ogallala pillows. Definitely the stuff dreams are made of…


    But not for you this weekend! Grab your coffee to go and head out to face the day. Good thing you’ve got your Clairebella personalized travel mug handy. Just the thing you need to keep your brain sharp when you’re making the decision between the colors “Blanched Cranberry”, “Uncle Ray’s Salsa” or “Rose Chablis”. You just might need that extra caffeine. This is adequately insulated to keep drinks and beverages hot especially during chilly winter mornings or long visits to the paint store. The 18 oz mug can be utilized to perk up the mornings with a filtered hot coffee. Choose from wide array of patterns, fonts and personalization styles to add a personal touch to the mug. It also makes a perfect souvenir item for friends, family and co-workers.


    After the rollers have been put down and the paint cans resealed, it is finally time for a little downtime. I know the perfect thing too; super-sweet snuggles with your sweetie, as you read stories before bed. What better way to reconnect with your child after a busy day, than by reading their brand new book all about them! The newest book from I See Me, ABC What Can I be is an exciting, whimsical and educational storybook, in which your child explores all the different careers in the alphabet that he or she can be – from an Astronaut to a Zookeeper. The book is personalized throughout with your child’s name showing what he or she can be. A fun way to bring about your child’s aspirations.


    Now to dreamland. Maybe tomorrow you can stay in bed all day…

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