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  • Happy Mother’s Day Ladies

    This weekend is all about MOM!

    It is Mother’s Day this coming Sunday, May 12th. What better time to celebrate all things MUMMY? knows a thing or two about Mamas. I bet you do too. Can you relate to these sentiments about your own dear Mum?

    Happy Mother’s Day

    market sling from serena & lily – flax/sky blue

    • Mummies bring babies into the world
    • Moms kiss booboos after their little ones fall down
    • Mamas give the best goodnight hugs and chase away any nightmares when they threaten
    • Mothers teach children Right from wrong
    • Mommies reward their kiddos with dessert after feats like saving the world from dastardly blanket invasions

    Plus, they have been known to perform a few other actions that aren’t always understood right away, despite maybe being good for you;

    personalized plate diamond pattern

    • Mothers aren’t afraid to scold kids when run they into the street before looking
    • Mums have been known to give evil eyes after dinner is eaten with fingers instead of forks
    • Mammas send their babies to bed when they are too tired to function anymore, despite adamant denials otherwise
    • Mommas make children try all kinds of food before they are allowed to pass judgement on whether it is liked or not
    • Ma forces kiddos to get dressed before heading out to school every day

    For all that they are, we love them and want them to know it. So we do whatever we can to show it, like;

    crayola crayon apron – pink stripe

    • Make our beds the best we can (lumps notwithstanding)
    • Give big wet, sloppy kisses, just because
    • Create artwork to fill a multitude of fridges
    • Pick flowers to present to her, whether they be your prize petunias or simple dandelions
    • Surprise you with breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day morning (we love burnt toast and coffee with grinds in it!)

    And for our part at, we’d like to add a few more suggestions of what Mom might really want this Mother’s Day. She wants;

    personalized baby announcement frame

    • To sleep in
    • To not have to do laundry
    • To have a meal made for her
    • That homemade card from her precious children (and maybe a bought treat or two!)
    • To receive a million and one hugs and kisses from the people she loves best in the world – her KIDS


    Happy Mother’s Day ladies! Hope it’s a special day for you.

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