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  •’s Scavenger Hunt

    Summertime is the perfect time for slowing down. It is a great time to reconnect with yourself and nature. Oftentimes, that kick starts a little creativity that you just won’t find in the busyness during the rest of the year. Consider taking a walk in the woods with your kids and making an adventure out of it. Can you find a fairy ring? How many nests can you discover? Do you know which tracks belong to whom? Wouldn’t it make a great place for a scavenger hunt? Of course!

    Babybox’s Woodland Scavenger Hunt

    birds in a tree wall art

    birds in a tree wall art

    Let’s start with something easy. How about you track down some feathers. One would be great, but why not try collecting several different colors from different birds. How many birds do you spy in our birds in a tree wall art? I see yellow, pink, brown and more! Start collecting.


    fatboy co9 rabbit bean bag lime

    fatboy co9 rabbit bean bag lime

    How about something a little trickier. Can you spy a rabbit in the woods, or at least the tracks he has left behind? The tracks from the fatboy co9 rabbit bean bag lime would be fairly easy to spot, I’d think. Although the little guy in the picture doesn’t look like he realises that this rabbit is sneaking up behind him.


    stationery - nest

    stationery – nest

    Now how about a nest? The babies might be flown already, but there is sure to be a nest or two hidden amongst the treetops. Perhaps you might be lucky enough to come across one dug under a fallen log even. In fact, has a custom nest on this cute stationery right here!


    flatofrog with green bow - 25 inches by north american bear

    flatofrog with green bow – 25 inches by north american bear

    Follow your ears to find this creature. Ribbit, ribbit… Why it’s a frog! Here is the rare 25-inch flatofrog with green bow by north american bear. While he might be hard to find in the woods, carries them in 8 and 15 inch sizes too!


    What other things might be found in the woods? Make a list before you head out and check off as many as you can while you are exploring. You might even find some other exciting items you never dreamed you would. Have fun tracking! Let us know what YOU find.

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