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  • Peace from

    It has happened again. Tragedy has been meted out in the Nation’s Capital. Today, 13 people were killed in the heart of a Navy Complex in Washington. It is early to speculate, but in the wake of these senseless killings, we are reeling at this fresh loss of innocence. It is too soon on the heels of the anniversary of 9/11. It is always too close for comfort. One cannot help but remember the recent scenes of death in Boston, at Sandy Hook Elementary, in a movie theatre in Aurora Co, at an army base in Fort Hood, Tx, and too many more place where terror has reigned supreme.

    We are due for a whole lot more peace.

    We need an end to war in Syria, Sudan, Egypt, Pakistan, Mexico, and beyond. People need to stop fighting in Israel and Pakistan, in Niger, Yemen and in too many hotspots around the globe. What we really need is Peace around the World!

    What has happened to people spreading love and happiness, goodwill and friendship to all around us? Don’t enough parents teach their children to respect others, their thoughts, feelings and rights? Haven’t we learned enough from others past mistakes? Can’t someone just wrap the world in a blanket of peace and make it stick?

    I don’t know what is going to happen in Washington tomorrow. People there will need to get over their shell shock. They will need some way to feel safe and secure again. They will need answers and a means to be able to return to some kind of sense of normal once more. It makes me sick that tragedies like the one in the Washington Navy Yard happen. All we can hope is that one day we will learn from the mistakes that continue to plague us.

    All we can pray for is peace for all.

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