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    The Gift of Babies

    Friday, June 7th, 2013

    On June 7th, James Young Simpson (Obstetrician [used chloroform], b. 1811), Virginia Apgar (American physician & childbirth specialist, b. 1909), Virginia McKenna (Actress [Born Free], b. 1931), Johnny Clegg (South African Musician [Album 'Third World Child'], b. 19530), and Louise Erdrich (Author [Love Medicine], b. 1954) were born. They are all great people and have contributed much to the world. Do you see the link between them (think babies)?

    birthday banner – vintage sports

    personalized luggage tags – wedding rings

    They share their birthdays with another very special date in American history. On June 7th, 1965 the Supreme Court of the United States decided that the law against contraceptives was unconstitutional. The Griswold vs Connecticut case led the way to the legalization for married couples to access birth control. As of 1965, contraception was legal and became a matter of choice for consenting “married” adults (oral contraceptives had been approved by the FDA in 1960).


    drawstring gown (blue trim)

    As much as loves pregnancy and babies, we can certainly appreciate what that ruling has meant for future generations. Children are a blessing and a joy when sought by a loving couple. We all know that sometimes timing can be key to being able to provide for children though. Having the opportunity to choose when to conceive, or not, just makes the process that much easier for all involved. While there have been many blessings in disguise from “oops” babies, taking the time to ensure that you are able to offer your all means a lot too. Whether it is waiting to have a baby until after you finish school, or once you have established a career, these choices can be wise ones to make, financially, emotionally and even socially. Even having the option to decide the number of children to bear can potentially benefit everyone in your family. Birth control has certainly shown its benefits over the years.


    ultimate swaddling blanket by swaddle designs

    Whether you choose to have babies when you are younger, older, alone, or with a partner, it is an important decision to make. Children are a huge responsibility that deserve a little forethought before being brought into the world. Once they are here you must feed, clothe, nurture, educate , love and cherish them for years to come. In fact, hopefully that love just continues to grow as your children do. Whether they turn out to be painters (Paul Gauguin [Post-Impressionist], b. 1848), actors (Liam Neeson, b. 1952), musicians (Prince, b. 1958), tennis players (Anna Kournikova, b. 1981) or just your very own special kids, they are treasures that have been bestowed upon you. Treat those gifts with care.

    No man should bring children into the world who is unwilling to persevere to the end in their nature and education. ~ Plato


    Hoppy Easter

    Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

    Children are getting hippety, hoppety excited all over the place this week in anticipation of the Easter Bunny’s imminent arrival this weekend. I suspect all the Mamas out there are getting a little twitchy too. There is a trip to the grocery store on the list, to purchase enough eggs for decorating. Don’t forget dye to dip them in! Baskets need to be pulled out of storage and inspected to make sure they are ready to handle all the goodies the kids will throw in them. Some shredded paper or grass will help to protect the precious cargo that will be loaded into those baskets as well. While your little ones will be dreaming of the chocolate bunnies that they might find, we know you will be pondering what outfits to dress them in for dinner later that day. has a few bunny inspired outfits to show off to you today. Maybe one of these might work for you?


    For the youngest members of the family, we have this sweet bunny-themed layette set. This adorable embroidered bunny baby gown layette set is great for any newborn. With an elastic bottom and no snaps, not only will it keep your baby’s legs nice and warm, it’s great for late night and quick diaper changes. The adorable bunny embroidery is available in pink or blue or you can embroider your baby’s name or initials!


    There are a few more bunnies to be found in our stash! This adorable handcrafted cardigan sweater by Bella Bliss features bunny rabbits with cotton tails hoping through grass on front and one bunny on the back. Sweaters are available with blue bunnies and banded edge for boys and pink bunnies with crocheted edge for girls. It is finished with a wooden button closure. Matching hat available in extra small for infants.


    Do your kids hop everywhere already and need a little extra bunny power for their feet? How about these cute shoes for their little tootsies? These precious bunny maryjane shoes are perfect for your little girl. Each shoe is handpainted with a cute bunny, and finished with a coordinating pink polka-dotted bow and pom-pom bunny tail at the heel. Designed with a strong durable sole, these shoes are perfect for your active child. Also make a great baby gift and wonderful addition to any wardrobe. Available in sizes ranging from infant to youth.


    And Easter wouldn’t be complete without some personalized gear for the children. Have you thought about treating your kids with t-shirts instead of the usual 50lbs of chocolate that you usually buy? This personalized bunny pattern cap sleeve tee shirt will look adorable on your kid. Designed with sky blue and wheat bunny print, it is classic and unique. This shirt features shorter cap sleeve and is a more lovable look for kids and less boxy than our classic tees. Made from 100% cotton and easy to care for. As with any of our holiday tees, this design comes in sizes 2T through size 12, and can be purchased as a tank top, long or short sleeve t-shirt, long or short sleeve lap shirt, or baseball tee. If the blue doesn’t strike you, we also have  a pink bunny tee on a green background or two different versions  of a hoppy easter tee. Anything to make your little bunnies jump up with glee this year!


    It’s a Boy!

    Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

    You get the announcement and are overjoyed for the new family. While they are settling into their new life, you remember when you were there and know how hectic it can be. Laundry, cleaning and even making meals takes a back seat to the demands of the new baby. That is why you want to help. How can you help though, you wonder? How about dropping in with a casserole and leaving behind a few new items for the baby to push off laundry for a day (or hour).


    Some babies are droolers. Others spit up at every feed. Even if you have a relatively clean baby, when they start eating solids you will need a mountain of bibs. The sailboat bib set is a great gift for baby. The set includes a bib and burp cloth with bright cheerful color pattern. The bib can be personalized with the baby’s name or initial. Choose your own font style and color to make the item unique. Perfect for mealtime and any occasion!


    Another thing that you can never get enough of is baby blankets. One is just NOT going to cut it. You will use it to keep baby warm, to protect your shoulders from spit-up and to discretely breast feed your little angel. So presenting the new Mom and Dad with another baby blanket is a gift that they will appreciate over and over again. Swaddle Designs make some of the best receiving blankets available. This is one of our most popular newborn baby blankets. Every new parent knows that swaddling a baby is one of the first things you are taught before leaving the hospital. Now with the exclusive 1-2-3 Swaddle Tip Tag, the Ultimate Swaddling Blanket makes it easy. Securely swaddling a baby helps them feel safe, cozy and relaxed. The double napped blanket also offers a soft decorative non-slip finished edge for added functionality and style points.


    You can’t go wrong with another outfit for the new baby. This adorable take me home outfit is made from a luxurious 100% pima cotton, suitable for the most precious of babies! The outfit includes three pieces–a long sleeve shirt that snaps on the side and is edged in navy picot trim, with a matching footed pant and hat. For additional comfort, add the double layered blanket measuring an approximately 26″ x 36″, perfect to wrap baby up and take him home. This luxurious little outfit makes an extra special gift monogrammed! Outfit available in sizes Newborn and 0-3 months. Monogram thread color will coordinate with picot trim.


    If you want to get away from practicle, then how about a toy! This charming Lamaze musical toy is a delight for both parents and babies alike with its soothing sounds; bright, friendly colors; and adorable design. The bright bouquet of five happy colorful flowers has three musical modes that are activated by baby’s touch and help to develop visual and auditory skills and teach cause and effect. In the exploratory mode, baby can produce a different chiming tone by pressing the center of each flower. The second mode requires baby to continue pushing the flowers to finish out the full version of If You’re Happy and You Know It. In, the last mode, baby plays one of two classical tunes with a light pat of any flower. The flower’s faces light up during play to keep baby’s attention, and fabrics of different textures (and some with crinkly sounds) make up the petals of each flower and the leaves, promoting tactile stimulation. The chimes, although electronic, are a pleasure to listen to and parents won’t mind hearing this toy over and over again.

    Keeping Baby Warm

    Friday, October 14th, 2011

    Brrr, the temperature is certainly dropping at a steady pace! Wet today too. Definitely a sweater kind of day for Mamas, but what about baby? If you haven’t already, it is time to add the long-sleeve layette sets into baby’s drawers. Are you in need of a few more? Why not check out some of the cute items that we carry!


    Here is the luxury knitted layette set! Any baby and new parent would be so happy to receive this stunning set. This striped knit baby gown is a perfect way to bring baby home. Baby will look adorable in photos, plus keep nice and toasty warm! It comes with a cardigan, beanie hat, baby layette gown and for the ultimate gift, add the matching Stripe Blanket! Available in several stripe colors, like red, brown, light pink, navy, turquoise, lime green and even fuchsia! Available in one Size (0-6 months). Personalized with name in Upper and Lowercase letters (example: Anna) (Please Note: This gown does not have an opening for seating in a carrier or car seat)


    Or how about this solid knit gown? It is an adorable way for introducing baby to the world, taking pictures, and staying cozy. Available in your choice of several different colors and personalized with the baby’s name. Knit as one size only (0-6 months), this gown will fit for baby’s first few months. Name will be in Upper and Lowercase letters. Your little Zinnia won’t notice the cooler weather at all in this sweet gown.


    What about these bella bliss pima snapfront printed stretchies? They come in lots of different patterns, like a rocket ship, giraffe, dragon fly, fairy, sheep, crocodile and even pirates! Bella Bliss offers this classic 100% cotton onesie with new printed designs for your baby. Traditional footed stretchie with snap closures. Sizes 3m-18m. Available in all pima prints.


    And since baby rules your household, you need to have the royal layette gift set. This beautiful collection includes 6 pieces of luxurious 100% pima cotton essentials for any baby. The outfit includes three pieces–a long sleeve shirt that snaps on the side and is edged in picot trim, with a matching footed pant and hat. Our signature long sleeve onesie trimmed in the coordinating picot trim is also included along with a bib edged in picot. The double layered blanket measures approximately 26″ x 36″ and is truly luxurious and features the same picot trim. Personalize the shirt, onesie, blanket and bib to make this gift extra special! Outfit available in sizes 0-3 months. Onesie available in sizes 3-6M and 6-12M. Select choice of picot trim: baby blue. baby pink or navy (as shown). Monogram thread color will coordinate with picot trim.


    We have lots more snuggly, warm layette sets to keep baby warm this winter at Come take a look and tell us which one is your favorite!


    Vive La France!

    Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

    Bastille Day is this Thursday, July 14th. Also known as La Fête Nationale, France Continues to celebrate the storming of the Bastille back in 1790. The Bastille was a prison of ill regard and its storming represented a break with the previous monarchy-led government. In essence, it signified the end of the French revolution and ushered in the modern age.

    Today, Bastille Day is celebrated with parades, fireworks and much of the same pride and nationalism as our own 4th of July here in the US. While it is a national holiday in France, Bastille Day celebrations can be found around the world, in such places as Belgium, the UK, Hungary and in many parts of the United States, like Baltimore, New York City, San Francisco and of course New Orleans. cannot help but get into the spirit of celebrations as well. We are still riding high from all our own recent fireworks displays, so we will Vive La France by looking at some of our products made in, inspired by or celebrating France today.


    Layette collection from Petit Bateau. Available in both long and short sleeves, these classic white smooth cotton bodysuits have snap crotch closure for easy diaper changes. Made from 100% cotton, the best thing to wear next to baby’s delicate skin. Easy-care, long-lasting, made in France.


    The french bassinet will offer a peaceful night’s sleep for your infant. Treat a baby to the finest luxury in this beautiful bassinet that is sure to become a family heirloom. Similar in style to the Grand Alsacien bassinet, this smaller combination of wood and wicker is lined with cotton on the inside, providing a cushioned nest for a baby. The soft 100% cotton lining is easily removable and machine washable. Mattress pad is included. Arrives with matching receiving blanket and fitted bassinet sheet. Sturdy wooden stand has large wheels to easily roll bassinet from room to room. Recommended for newborn to 5 months. Imported from France. Imported from France.


    My Heritage Book is a unique personalized children’s book celebrating heritage. These personalized books make the perfect baby gift, birthday gift, holiday gift, and other special occasion gift for children of all ages. Each custom-made, hardcover book can include up to 4 countries and is written for one American child. In today’s world, while Americans are surrounded by different cultures, languages, customs, traditions, & food, some of the traditions of their own heritage may be forgotten. My Heritage Book was developed to help teach children that these differences are a part of heritage and that their own heritages should be embraced. In this personalized book, children can learn about the countries their ancestors came from and some of the traditions they brought to America. By making their initial cultural explorations personal, we hope that their journey will become that more interesting & fun! And of course France is one of the countries that you can choose from to celebrate your own french heritage.


    This beautiful French Country Laurel Armoire by Sweet Beginnings creates a stylish living environment with plenty of storage capacity and is a perfect center piece for your room and lifestyle. Influenced from the hillsides of rural France, Sweet Beginnings french country collection incorporates their popular embossed carving appliques. Hand crafted from solid maple, birch and poplar wood and high quality hardware and then hand painted, this armoire can be customized in many colors to complement your décor. We recommend starting with a light base color to enhance the handpainted design. Several interior options are available. Please see below for details. The Laurel design element is extremely versatile and can be easily combined with a variety of furniture ensembles.


    Happy Bastille Day to everyone celebrating their French heritage this week! Vive la France!

    Gifts for New Babies

    Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

    Watching all the birds sitting on their nests has me in mind of babies today. I love the Springtime for its sense of renewal that it brings! And it is no surprise that we love babies at So let’s celebrate babies today with a few ideas for what to give to some of the new arrivals to the world.

    Give the gift of a baby gift basket and make any new mom or dad very happy. For that reason, we have put together a collection of some wonderful baby items and placed them all together in a canvas crate than can be personalized with a baby’s first name or classic “baby”. Not only will the contents be a welcome surprise to any new or expectant mom, but the canvas crate can be used again and again. This sturdy stainless steel frame is covered with canvas and is perfect for toys, book or just about anything.

    This 100% cotton baby layette set is a wonderful present for a new baby – an instant wardrobe in one box. These baby essentials are made with the world’s softest cotton and carry an adorable pink dot print throughout. You can never have enough baby onesies and we have conveniently included three sizes within each set for growing babies. A matching beanie hat, bib and cotton receiving blanket complete this set.

    Our luxurious baby play mat in white is made with micro-suede fabric and generously padded for soft landings and sound napping. The play mat is designed to avoid fabric bunching beneath the baby’s face during “tummy time,” making it a perfect lounge spot for infants and pre-crawlers. Choose from various embroidery colors and monogram style of your choice. The play mat measures approximately 36 x 56 inches. It makes a great nap map for a toddler and it also fits as a perfect overlay to protect sumptuous crib-size or toddler bedding. Each mat comes with a cinch-tie bag for toting on the go. Machine wash gentle cycle, tumble dry low (baby tested for stain resistance to general baby drool, spit-up and the like… washes up like new).

    There are few gifts as timeless and classic as a silver baby cup. This is the perfect gift to celebrate a new baby or christening. This sterling cup has an adorable bear at the center and can be personalized as well for an additional fee. This cup will become a family keepsake and be cherished for years to come.

    One last thing that every new baby needs is their very own stuffed animal. This friendly, cuddly, easy-to catch monkey is hard to put down. Full of endearing character, and infinitely poseable, he will soon become your best friend. He is made of a soft cuddly polyester and enhanced with a partially bean filled body. Perfect for your brand new monkey to the family.

    Ahh, we love babies! Celebrate the new ones in your life today.

    Happy Independence Day!

    Friday, July 2nd, 2010

    The fire crackles in the warm night air. Marshmallows are roasting in anticipation of ‘Smores  to enjoy. The fireworks lit off into the summer skies cast a brilliant awe on the faces of all those watching with glee. Be thankful that you brought your hoodie to stave off that tiny chill. This personalized knit hooded sweater is the best choice to keep the buzzing mosquitoes at  bay as well.  Nothing like being stylish and functional.

    As your baby sleeps at your side, your smile reflects their innocence. Holidays are just the thing to make you appreciate family and this is no exception. Celebrate the fourth of July this year with this adorable baby layette set. Embroidered with three stars, red, white and blue on this one piece short sleeve romper and burp cloth with matching unembroidered beanie hat. This set is the perfect gift when visiting a holiday party or beach celebration. Both cute and comfortable.

    With the sun set for the day, a blanket to snuggle under extends the beauty of family time. Watch the stars twinkle in the sky while the stars adorn your baby’s blanket. This incredibly soft blanket is the perfect choice for a new baby gift. Embroidered with stars and personalized with a baby’s first name, this will certainly become a favorite.

    So tuck the children under the blanket and don’t forget their new favorite doll, the Sweeters Knit Pal – USA. It is made of 100% cotton and hand-knit brightly using patriotic bright colors. Great as a 4th of July gift or to display your patriotism. With their zany stripes and colorful clothes, these adorable friends are the perfect combination of color and imagination. So soft and cuddly, Sweeters Pals make a truly unique gift. Just make sure that you don’t get him sticky as the ‘smores are passed around by the light of bonfire.  May you have a joyful day and celebrate the holiday with those you love best.

    Going on a lion hunt

    Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

    Going on a lion hunt;

    This precious little lion layette set is absolutely adorable. The set includes a side tie long sleeve shirt trimmed in picot, matching pant, and beanie hat. Available in your choice of blue, yellow, or pink embroidered lion. Perfect outfit for welcoming baby home.

    Gonna catch a big one;

    These lion sneakers are super for your little boy or girl. Each denim shoe has a handpainted lion at the toe, and is finished with coordinating curly orange laces. Designed with a strong durable sole, these shoes are perfect for your active child. Also makes a great baby gift and wonderful addition to any wardrobe.

    I’m not scared;

    This “Rauri The Lion Powder Blue ” wall art from Oopsy Daisy by Meghann O’Hara brings the King of the jungle into your little one’s room. Rauri the lion powder blue has the picture of a lion with the blue background which makes the lion look more colorful and unique. This top quality canvas reproduction is stretched over wood bars with no glass to break. This piece is made using the Giclee printing process and has the look and feel of an original painting. It is equipped with a wire hanger on the back for easy wall displaying so no framing is required. Each canvas is decoratively finished along the 3/4 inch thick sides. It can be wiped clean with a soft, dry cloth. Makes a wonderful addition to any child’s room, playroom or even beach house. Designer’s biography comes attached at the back.

    Look at all the flowers;

    This hand knitted and crocheted baby blanket comes with a crocheted toy attached by a crocheted string to the inside of the pocket (so it will never get lost). Wrap your little one in the cozy, colorfully striped blanket and let them sleep happily with cuddly lion at their side. Your new baby will find not only comfort but companionship with their new Lion Pocket Blanket.

    Nice Day;

    This fun lion makes a fluffy soft addition to a child’s collection of plush toys. We love its sweet grin and floppy body. His fuzzy mane is especially cute.

    Spring is in the Air and New things are coming up Everywhere!

    Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

    Spring is in the air and new flowers are popping up all over the place. It is a wonderful time of renewal and rebirth everywhere one looks. That is none more obvious than when a new little bundle of joy is coming into the world. Like springtime’s first radiant buds poking through the Earth, a new baby brings with it infinite joys . We celebrate the return of the sun with smiles to all and that is reflected most sweetly in the smile of a newborn child lying in their Mother’s arms. What a better way to celebrate new life than to shower this new little person with a little something sweet.

    For example, the Gordonsbury Nursery Time Premium Layette Set is a fine addition for a new baby. The layette features embroidered frogs and little butterflies, perfect for a boy or a girl. Made from 100% cotton, this infant outfit is a great gift. Who wouldn’t want to snuggle their new bundle of joy up in this cute set!

    Or here, this take me home set is perfect for a baby boy. The 3 piece set is made from the softest 100% pima cotton and designed in blue with a luscious chocolate brown picot trim.  For the ultimate gift, add the matching luxurious double layered blanket. Trimmed in our luscious chocolate brown picot trim. It is a really great blanket that coordinates with the take me home set and can also be personalized.

    But if springtime is on your mind, the personalized flower tees are perfect for any little girl. These super soft tees feature our favorite little flowers and are personalized with a name. These tees make a great sibling gift or birthday gift, so not only the new baby, but also the new big sister can sport new blooms. And it doesn’t hurt that this is a celebrity favorite item – the tees shown were done for Denise Richards’ girls.

    If you just cannot decide what suits spring the best and flowers won’t get off your mind, then these are a perfect gift for a new little person. You can add a touch of elegance to any baby shower table with this elegant diaper cake. Bloomers Baby Diaper Cakes offer a fresh, simple and modern design and are offered in a variety of styles/colors and sizes. All cakes arrive on a silver scalloped cake platter, are decorated with silk flowers of your choice, and topped with a lovely porcelain “abc” baby block before being wrapped in white tulle, tied with a satin bow, and secured with an old-fashioned diaper pin. (This cake is designed with each tier being tied using light green tulle and a layer of natural raffia and decorated with mint green gladiolas.) So bring on spring and all the good things it brings; new growth, new flowers and the best of all, new babies…

    Luxury Crib Bedding Selection

    Monday, January 5th, 2009

    Lulla Smith uses luxurious fabrics and exquisite design, and each piece is gently handcut and handstiched to the very highest standards (from the most opulent silks and finest cottons). Some of the hottest celebrities in Hollywood, including Courtney Cox, Jennifer Lopez and Katie Holmes all purchased this brand of baby bedding for their children. The Lulla Smith Cocoon crib linen set combines the luxurious enveloping comfort of 100% Dupioni Silk with smart pin-stripe styling. The incredibly soft silk 3 piece set includes bumper, dust ruffle and cotton batiste fitted crib sheet and is available in pink/ivory, blue/ivory and solid ivory. To complete this fabulous crib bedding collection there are a variety of pillows, coverlets, quilts and other optional accessories. Available in your choice of colors as well.

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