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    Day is Done

    Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

    The sun sets
    and shadows creep
    across the lawn
    with today’s last leap.

    A yawn escapes
    your tiny smile
    as pajamas swaddle
    you in style.

    Lullabies croon of
    love held bright
    as moon rays peak
    in window’s night.

    Oh what may
    tomorrow hold
    when promises speak
    of joys untold.

    Good night sweet one.

    Sleep tight.

    poem written by

    Katherine Krige

    I spy…

    Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

    As I sit on the floor with you and gaze around, I imagine what you see through your little eyes. This is your bedroom, your sanctuary.  What is important to you in this space that is yours? Well, what do you see?

    Let’s start on the floor. Loving me from the ground up, you provide me a luxurious place to sit and play or read books on this beautiful rug. The DwellStudio Dahlia Rug is a stylish and fun addition to any room. Comfy and cool, this finely made wool carpet in a variety of pink and chocolate hues, adds a unique touch to your decor. The Dahlia rug is designed to coordinate with the Dwell Studio bedding and crib collections or it works with many other designs!

    Since we are on the floor already, let’s crawl on over to the bookshelf to pick out a book to read. The Floral Swag Bookcase by Sweet Beginnings features the French Country embossed carving appliques floral design. This bookcase is designed to be extra sturdy with deep shelves that hold just about every size of book that your child might imagine and still have room for future favorites. Most bookcases have many colors to choose from, so that you can truly customize the piece to match any child’s room or decor. The bookcases top and bottom styles can be customized as well. Perfect for boys and girls, the bookcase works well with other pieces in the Sweet Beginnings collection or by itself!

    With book in hand looking around, where do we go to read? Well the bed is an option, as the mattress is delightfully comfortable. My favorite chair is the one right in the corner though. The Serena & Lily Hayes glider in light pink basketweave and white twill piping is a beautiful choice for your little girl’s nursery. This glider is very comfortable and built to last with a reinforced wood frame, double-wrapped foam-core cushions and a swivel glider base. A higher back and rounded armrests make Hayes glider ideal for dads; the more generous size makes for years of snuggling up for bedtime stories as little ones grow. Made in the USA with durable wood frames, swivel glider bases and plush double-wrapped foam-core cushions for ultimate comfort.

    Snuggle in tight, as its time to read all our treasured stories. First let’s click on the light so that we can see all the delightful pictures that you love so much. Reach over and turn on the Serena & Lily Pagoda Table Lamp. There, that’s better. Now as we cuddle in tight to your favorite chair we can see your whole room and all it holds. With Babybox wall art decorating the walls and your bed to send you off to dream land this room is a pretty sweet place to be. Yes, I spy a beautiful baby’s room with all that her heart desires.

    Time to Unwind

    Monday, May 31st, 2010

    When you are just a go-go-go, sometimes you need to stop and crash. It can seem like there are not enough hours in the day to accomplish all the tasks set ahead of you. When you do finally put on the brakes and throw up your feet, make sure that you find a comfortable spot to plunk yourself down and unwind.

    You can hardly call it plunking, when you slide onto this beautiful chaise though.  Taylor Scott’s T-Back Chaise promises maximum relaxation as you sink into the white goose down wrapped cushions. You can choose from a single chaise (Single 42″w x 60″d or Double 48″w x 59″d) or double to make room for the kids or Daddy. That is, if you want to share! As with all of Taylor Scott’s slipcovered furniture, the slipcovers are easy to remove and can be machine washed and dried. Handy when you have little people afoot who are not always as mess-free as one might like.  The construction is also warranted to be free of defects in workmanship and materials for the life of their products under normal residential use. If one just won’t do, additional slipcovers are available for purchase.

    Perhaps you want something a little more informal though. How about a good old fashioned bean bag chair? This Fatboy brings comfort and elegance together. Fatboy invites everyone to meet the Metahlowski family. This posh family name, which whimsically refers to luxurious brands like Swarovski, represents four shiny, sophisticated variations on the iconic Fatboy® the original.. Each Metahlowski design has the same shape and measurements, but is made of high quality Italian fabric executed in a brand new sexy color. They combine luxurious style with sheer laziness. The Metahlowski’s are a family of two manly males and two seductive females.

    Titano, Bronzo, Silvi and Goldi are the quite obvious names for the titanium, bronze, silver and gold colored beanbags. Their luxurious supermodel looks opens up heaps of high-end opportunities for usage in modern state of the art interiors. Therefore the Metahlowski’s are a perfect alternative for unaffordable design classics. Just like the girl next door could effortlessly look like a supermodel. Each of the Metahlowski’s would make a CEO take a powernap in his executive boardroom. They would give guests in the lobby of a star hotel a royal welcome. They would embrace exhausted travelers in waiting rooms of modern airports and they would glitter like a disco ball in way too trendy clubs and exclusive restaurants, although they’re note just made for snobs and the hip elite. Each member of the Metahlowski family is a suitable addition to anyone’s own. They’re in everyone’s league since a Metahlowski feels at home anywhere, whether it is in the Taj Mahal or a gypsy trailer. Maybe they are art and kitsch simultaneously, because a Metahlowski lives with its head in the clouds and with its feet on the ground.

    Whether you find yourself reclining on your classic chaise lounge or flumped into your chic take on bean bag chairs, just remember to enjoy those moments of repose. When life ramps back up again, as it will in the blink of an eye, remember your comfortable spot, breathe and jump back up to chase your toddler across the room for the millionth time this week.

    Make Sensory Stimulation for your Baby fun with Cute Crib Mobiles

    Friday, April 16th, 2010

    This mobile made of five charming monkeys playing together on a tree will amuse your child. The sweet and beautifully crafted animals will sway gently overhead. This unique mobile is made in Denmark. Makes a delightful addition to any room.

    Make bedtime special with our selection of crib toys and calming musical mobiles. Whether your baby is lying down in a crib, or sitting up around the house, our crib toys and Crib Hanging Mobiles are a perfect choice. Our Baby Crib Hanging Mobiles are made to keep your baby stimulated and happy. “It is now known that sensory stimulation and neural pathway connections are major factors that lead to healthy brain function in babies.”

    Available in many different styles and colors. Our unique collection of Baby Crib Hanging Mobiles give you a wide selection to choose from. We are sure to have the perfect Baby Crib Hanging Mobiles to fit right in with your baby decor. Our Baby Crib Hanging Mobiles will keep your baby’s mind entertained and engaged reducing crying as well. A peaceful baby will make any new parent happy.

    Toddler Time, Nap Time, & the trusted Baby Blanket

    Monday, March 29th, 2010

    “Wondering how much daytime sleep your child should have? Here are average nap needs at various stages (your child may need more or less): 3 months – 5 to 9 per day, 6 months – 2 to 5 per day, 12 months – 2 or 3 per day, 2 years – 1 or 2 per day” –

    If you are heading back to work and your toddler is heading to daycare be sure to tell your daycare provider about your naptime routine. Include any cuddlys or loveys to help with the transition. My son needs his special blanket right up next to his cheek to fall asleep at naptime. He has a second blanket that covers his body – but not his feet ! Set up your daycare provider for success at naptime.

    “Let your child enjoy her “blanky” as long as she wishes. Don’t worry that her attachment to her blanket may reveal some underlying insecurities or may slow her independence. This is simply not true. An attachment to her blanket is not only normal, it’s healthy. The ability to form deep attachments is one of the most important emotional qualities you want to help your child develop. As children are learning to attach to people, they also like to attach to things, and this attachment to people and things will help your child ease into independence.” – Dr. William Sears, Parenting Magazine

    You may need to experiment with which blanket or blankets your child likes. My advice is when you find the right one that they bond with – get two of them! Rotate between the two blankets and then you can keep one clean and you won’t have a crisis if something happens to one or if one gets lost on a vacation. Some babies like cashmere blankets, some like super-soft fleece baby blankets with a beautiful nylon satin edge trim. or surround your baby in an organic baby blanket.

    Dr. Sears Parenting Magazine Article about attachment to blankys
    Today’s Parent Magazine’s Ultimate Guide to Nap Time
    Parent Time: Back to Work Daycare Transitions Today’s Parent Magazine
    BabyBox Cashmere Baby Blankets
    BabyBox Personalized Sports Baby Blankets

    Bratt Decor Armoire

    Friday, May 29th, 2009

    Bratt Decor Casablanca Armoire

    When you’re searching for baby furniture keep in mind that many items can be used for years.

    As your child grows there are certain pieces of furniture that will always have a place in their room, like this Bratt Decor Casablanca Armoire – perfect for baby’s room beyond.

    Baby Furniture Accessories

    Monday, May 18th, 2009

    babyboxcom_2052_153789074 not only has an excellent selection of gorgeous baby furniture, but we also have a vast selection of baby furniture accessories such as this stars set, which includes a frame, waste basket, step stool and tissue box all in a beautiful matching star pattern for that top notch look that will always remain  in style.

    This set is available in blue or pink and can be personalized too!

    Gordonsbury Beach Party Crib Bedding

    Saturday, April 25th, 2009


    BabyBox carries this sweet crib bedding – the Gordonsbury Beach Party, sure to make mom and baby smile! The set features colorful penguins and their friends as they frolick on the beach. Polka dot coordinating fabrics complement the cheerful beach party design.

    This crib bedding is entirely hand made!

    Embroidered Pique Teddy Bear Pillow

    Wednesday, April 8th, 2009


    This Embroidered Pique Teddy Bear Pillow makes a great baby shower gift. Perfect for a boy or a girl, this cushion can also be personalized with the baby’s name and/or date.

    Available at

    Hopper with Sheep Crib Bedding by Blauen

    Wednesday, March 11th, 2009

    Blauen Crib Bedding

    Hopper with Sheep Crib Bedding by Blauen

    baby crib bedding is so important as it adds character to baby’s room. This sweet hopper crib bedding set in pink or blue features woolly sheep that will lull your baby to sleep.

    This three piece crib bedding ensemble includes:

    Bumper (12 sheep embroidered on white primel, trimmed with large white ric rac; yellow hopper front and back.)
    Crib Skirt – Yellow “Hopper” check with large white Ric Rac. Features an elegant wide hem and white RicRac about 3″ from hemline. Measures 14 inches (or custom length – upcharge)
    Fitted Crib Sheet – 28 x 52″. Shown in “Smooth Pique White.”

    Available at

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