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    Happy Independence Day!

    Friday, July 2nd, 2010

    The fire crackles in the warm night air. Marshmallows are roasting in anticipation of ‘Smores  to enjoy. The fireworks lit off into the summer skies cast a brilliant awe on the faces of all those watching with glee. Be thankful that you brought your hoodie to stave off that tiny chill. This personalized knit hooded sweater is the best choice to keep the buzzing mosquitoes at  bay as well.  Nothing like being stylish and functional.

    As your baby sleeps at your side, your smile reflects their innocence. Holidays are just the thing to make you appreciate family and this is no exception. Celebrate the fourth of July this year with this adorable baby layette set. Embroidered with three stars, red, white and blue on this one piece short sleeve romper and burp cloth with matching unembroidered beanie hat. This set is the perfect gift when visiting a holiday party or beach celebration. Both cute and comfortable.

    With the sun set for the day, a blanket to snuggle under extends the beauty of family time. Watch the stars twinkle in the sky while the stars adorn your baby’s blanket. This incredibly soft blanket is the perfect choice for a new baby gift. Embroidered with stars and personalized with a baby’s first name, this will certainly become a favorite.

    So tuck the children under the blanket and don’t forget their new favorite doll, the Sweeters Knit Pal – USA. It is made of 100% cotton and hand-knit brightly using patriotic bright colors. Great as a 4th of July gift or to display your patriotism. With their zany stripes and colorful clothes, these adorable friends are the perfect combination of color and imagination. So soft and cuddly, Sweeters Pals make a truly unique gift. Just make sure that you don’t get him sticky as the ‘smores are passed around by the light of bonfire.  May you have a joyful day and celebrate the holiday with those you love best.

    Tea Time

    Monday, June 7th, 2010

    Tea Time

    The weather has blossomed.  The sunshine begs for every waking moment to be enjoyed. That means that the outdoors has become a brand new play space. In celebration, perhaps we could take our tea outside today!  Gather up the tea pot. Handle the good china with care. See if Mom  or Dad has a little tidbit that can be enjoyed for a snack. Now let’s head outside. Where shall we sit though?

    Why, at this beautiful little table of course!  This fine quality children’s table is a perfect example of classic Scandinavian garden-furniture design. It will hold all your tea party needs, from a plate of cookies to dainty little napkins and of course the pot of tea. A pitcher of lemonade will do in a pinch too, for those so inclined. Now to invite the guests. Call your friends or gather  your favorite stuffies. What next?

    Don’t forget to invite Julia! The Julia Pal Knit Doll is the perfect way to enjoy a playdate. The adorable playmate is decorated with a hand knit dress accented by with fun bright colors. So soft and cuddly, this Sweeters Pals can be personalized and can be customized with your color choice. A great companion for any girl all year round. She would be crushed if she was not invited, so better find her for a spot of tea as well. She might have a friend or two she wants to bring, so check Babybox for any companions to join.

    Now that we are all together is there anything else that we need? A place to sit, of course! This children’s bench with characteristic cross back has become an icon of Scandinavian garden-furniture design. The Bench is a beautiful piece of furniture in its own right. Paired with a set of classic furniture including bench and table, it is the perfect place for tea.

    These pieces of furniture are made of solid hardwood, lacquered with a rich, semi-mat lacquer(polyurethane coating). All external fittings are made of brass, while the “feet” are made of rubber to protect the furniture legs from rising moisture that can cause the wood to split.

    So paint faces with sunshine and smiles and pour out the tea. It is a great day to play outdoors today.

    Adorable Topsy Turvy Reversible Dolls

    Monday, March 15th, 2010

    This topsy turvy dusk to dawn doll is perfect for your little girl. A large topsy turvy doll, Dusk to Dawn is 15 inches tall and features evening colors of shimmering purple that turn into vibrant fuchsia and white at daybreak.

    This ballerina doll is perfect for your little girl. Practice makes perfect, and this two-in-one dancer doll is a charming reminder for your favorite budding prima ballerina. A dancer tying her toe shoes and wearing a black practice leotard turns over and becomes a ballerina in full performance tutu with ribbon accents and beautiful tiara.

    "Dolls are an integral part of a healthy Childhood."

    Friday, March 12th, 2010

    “Dolls are an integral part of a healthy childhood.” Rahima Baldwin Dancy writes in her book, You Are Your Child’s First Teacher, “Play with dolls is of special importance because it is one of the ways through which the child can externalize his own inner being.” Karin Neushutz states: “The Doll is special among toys, because it is an image of the human being. With the doll’s help we can seek our own identity. We can reveal our own innermost thoughts, sorrows, and joys to our doll friend.”

    SOURCE: You are your Child’s First Teacher, by Rahima

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