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    Preparing Your Home For Winter

    Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

    ~ “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” ~ Benjamin Franklin

    Brrr, you can certainly feel the nip in the air now! How many of you have turned on your furnaces and pulled out your cool weather hats? Adding sweaters to the wardrobe isn’t the only way to prepare for Fall and the quickly approaching winter weather. Now is the time to prepare your home for cooler weather too. A little bit of prep now, saves a few degrees, and maybe even a few dollars, in the depths of winter. Here are a few suggestions from on how to prepare your home for winter;



    • Insulate windows and doors to keep heat in and drafts out
    • stella gray curtain panels

      Remember to open your curtains during the day and shut them at night to keep your home as warm and comfortable as possible. Curtains help to lessen heat loss at night, as well as warming up your home aesthetically.

    • Have your furnace cleaned and inspected before cold weather arrives to stay. No need to have it die on you during the coldest day of the year!
    • Clean leaves, branches and other debris from eaves troughs and down spouts to ensure proper drainage
    • Dwell Studio Rosette Blossom Rug

      Avoid cold toes on icy floors first thing in the morning by warming up your floors with area rugs. Remember that your baby spends most of their day on or close to the floor and they feel the cold more than adults!

    • Clean and fill your humidifier to ensure your home stays comfortable despite the drying effects of winter air
    • Santa personalized long sleeve tee (youth)

      Inspect and have your chimney cleaned to prevent chimney fires (Plus, you don’t want Santa getting any dirtier than necessary when he comes a’calling!)

    • Complete any exterior painting, before it gets too cold
    • personalized adirondack chair

      Store outdoor furniture and decorations

    • Ensure that any exterior exhaust ducts (dryer, bathroom fans, kitchen range, etc.) are free from obstructions
    • Put in a store of firewood, so that you can enjoy long, lazy evenings in front of the fireplace this winter

    Keep warm this winter!

    Warm Thoughts

    Friday, October 28th, 2011

    Brr, there certainly is a nip in the air! Forget Autumn, I suspect that Old Man Winter will be knocking on our door before we know it. I swear I even saw my breath this morning when I was getting the kids ready for school. While you might have pulled out the sweaters, jackets and hats, have you thought about warming up your house too? I am not talking about the furnace (although I have turned mine on already!). I am thinking more along the lines of warming up your decor. Here, let me show you;


    Why don’t we start with the floor. Those beautiful hardwood floors shine in the summer, but can be a little chilly first thing in the morning when you are running to the bathroom. Why not warm up the floor with this beautiful area rug. The colorful Sky Dots Rug by DwellStudio is the perfect floor covering for any room. The cheerful circle pattern will transform your child’s space into a bright and cheery place. Made from fine wool in a variety of aqua hues, this rug adds a unique touch to your decor. The sky dots rug is designed to coordinate with the Dwell Studio bedding and crib collections or it works by itself!


    Why is it that you don’t want to get out of bed in the first place? Why, because you are nice and toasty warm under your new duvet of course! Everyone knows that duvets offer a warmth unparalleled in the winter. This duvet is no different. Little House Bandana Breeze Duvet adds a delightful touch to a girls decor. The cheerful print fabrics in 100% cotton are classic and fun. The duvet features Bandana Breeze Duvet fabric reversing to Euro Stripe Breeze. Add matching pillowcases, bed skirt and pillows to create a fabulous room.


    Another reason not to get out of bed is because it is still so dark in the morning! I don’t know about you, but if the sun isn’t up yet, its still night time in my world. One way to fix that is by adding a little more light on the scene. Presto, we have the gold crystal dangle lamp-green floral bouquet shade. The Gold Crystal Dangle Glass Ball Lamp Base is an elegant lighting fixture for any room. The base features delicate crystals hanging from the center of the lamp base. The green dupioni silk large shade is beautifully adorned by hand with silk ribbon and pearls.

    (*Psst! We just wanted to let you know that is also offering Complimentary Ground Shipping on all Lighting Orders at this time. Please enter coupon freeship at check out.)


    And our last suggestion is to warm up the walls in your home. Sure you could paint everything red and feel the heat that way, but what about a nice warm picture to remind you of warmer days instead? These boys know what they are doing with that roaring fire they have going! It will be sure to warm your heart on the coming cold winter nights. This “Campfire Kids” wall art from Oopsy Daisy by Maria Carluccio is an incredibly detailed portrayal of a group of adventurous young boys taking on nature. This top quality canvas reproduction is made using the Giclee printing process and has the look and feel of an original painting. Each piece is stretched over wood bars with no glass to break and is equipped with a wire hanger on the back for easy wall displaying. No additional framing is necessary. Each canvas is decoratively finished along the 3/4 inch thick sides. It can be wiped clean with a soft, dry cloth. Makes a wonderful addition to any child’s room, playroom or even beach house. Designed by artist Maria Carluccio and it comes with her biography attached to the back.

  is wishing you warm thoughts for this coming weekend. Maybe you will get the chance to warm up your decor too! Contact us. We can help!

    Cinco de Mayo

    Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

    Pack your bags and get ready to go. We are off to Mexico today for Cinco de Mayo!

    The fifth of May celebrates the Mexican victory over French troops in the Battle of Pueblo on May 5th 1862. While not necessarily a long-range victory, as France came back to defeat Mexican troops a year later, the battle had significant merit for its morale boosting results. France’s 8000 strong army was defeated by a mere 4000 Mexican defenders. This also marked the last significant battle that European’s waged in the Americas.

    The smoke from the battlefield is long gone, but Cinco de Mayo is still celebrated as a Mexican Civic Holiday today. In the US, Cinco de Mayo is looked on as a day to celebrate all things Mexican. With approximately 10% of the population claiming Mexican descent, that equates to a lot of Mexican heritage and pride. So grab an empanada in one hand, a margarita in the other and head out to watch a mariachi band, as we celebrate Mexican heritage on Cinco de Mayo.

    Celebrate your Mexican heritage with the personalized children's heritage book!

    Or better yet, pack your overnight bags and head closer to the US/Mexico border, where you will be able to celebrate Mexican heritage the way it should be done.

    The first step is to pack your bags. The DwellStudio Transportation Weekender Bag is great for day outings and small trips, like to attend a Cinco de Mayo parade! The rich multi image pattern is stylish and the two handles for carrying and a shoulder strap make it very functional. You will come to depend on this bag and it will be your new favorite traveling accessory. I bet there, is just enough space for a set of your own maracas to bring back as well.

    With your bags packed, don’t forget about your ID- travel ID that is. Travel smartly with stylish and trendy Luggage Tags especially designed by Clairebella. You would never confuse your luggage with anyone else’s, as they can be personalized by writing your names, initials or monograms on both the sides. Get your own patterns or designs imbibed on them and spot your luggage easily. With a comfortable size of 2 3/4″ x 4″, it has a clear plastic loop to hang.

    The last thing to grab before you jump in the car or on the plane is your travel pillow. Soft as silk, plush as velour, are these classic baby pillows by Peacock Alley. This pillow can also be a great gift for mom or can become a great travel companion for flights or the long road trip. You might be too excited on the way down to sleep, but with all the fun and activity while you are there, you will surely need a little nap on the way home. Ahh.

    Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

    Arbor Day

    Friday, April 29th, 2011

    Today is Arbor Day. For those of you not familiar with this date on the calendar, it is a day to plant and take care of trees. What a wonderful reason for a holiday! On April 10, 1872, the very first Arbor Day occurred and approximately 1 million trees were planted in Nebraska. A few years later, Birdsey Northrop (from right here in Connecticut!) took the custom abroad when he visited Japan in 1833. Since then, Arbor Day celebrations have been held around the world. As trees are a vital part of our world, providing oxygen, shelter and beauty, we thought we would celebrate them ourselves today at So go hug a tree, plant a new one or simply tend to the ones in your own yard. Here are a few of our favorite trees at;

    This “Green Tree” Oopsy daisy Wall art by Jill McDonald, brings a colorful life of a tree into your child’s room. It brings the world of colors into your child’s room. This top quality canvas reproduction is made using the Giclee printing process and has the look and feel of an original painting. Each piece is stretched over wood bars with no glass to break and is equipped with a wire hanger on the back for easy wall displaying. No additional framing is necessary. Each canvas is decoratively finished along the 3/4 inch thick sides. It can be wiped clean with a soft, dry cloth. Makes a wonderful addition to any child’s room, playroom or even beach house. Designed by artist Jill McDonald and it comes with his biography attached to the back.

    The DwellStudio Tree Rug is a stylish and fun addition to any room. Comfy and cool, this finely made wool carpet in blue and green hues, adds a unique touch to your decor. The Multi Tree rug is designed to coordinate with the Dwell Studio bedding and crib collections or it works by itself!

    This Oopsy Daisy “Jellybean Tree” nightlight features a bright and colorful tree along with a bird; a vibrant addition to your little one’s room. This nightlight can be easily wiped clean with a soft, dry cloth and is ideal for your child’s room as it does not have a glass surface to break. You can personalize the nightlight with your child’s name or any other word or phrase like “Good Night”. This nightlight is designed by Gale Kaseguma, whose biography is included with each unit.

    And the handpainted baby plate with prayer will become a treasured keepsake gift for years to come. This tropical design features a palm tree in the center and a prayer on the border. The plate can be ordered personalized with the baby’s name. Each plate is handpainted by the artist for each order. All dinnerware is food safe and dishwasher safe.

    Happy Arbor Day!

    Last Minute Preparations

    Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

    For any of you trying to desperately prepare for the holidays this week, how about we take a quick peek at what you can do before Christmas Eve;

    1. If you are hosting Christmas dinner at your house, dig out the table cloth you will be using, as well as the napkins. Give them a wash to freshen them up if needed, then iron them before you get too busy with stuffing turkeys, wrapping last minute gifts or trying to bake that last batch of Christmas cookies.
    2. While you are rifling around for the table cloth, why not pull down the silverware and hand it off to one of your darling children who are begging to help or just sorely in need of a distraction from their Christmas break and TV vigil. They can polish the silver while they watch Frosty the Snowman or The Santa Clause. One less thing for you to worry about! You have enough on your plate.
    3. Back to organizing. If your guests are coming from out of town you have to think about where you are going to put them. Forewarn Mary that she is getting kicked out of her room and change the sheets on her bed for Uncle Jim & Aunt Elise. They will appreciate the fresh duvet on the bed. Don’t forget to lay out some fresh towels and wash clothes for them as well.
    4. dwellstudio chocolate dot travel case

      If a road trip is in your future, you might feel like the hours are slipping by faster than you can keep up. Those gifts need to be bought, wrapped and packed before you can go anywhere, plus now you have to pick out clothes for you and the kids (hopefully not hubby too!). Why not iron and pack your Christmas day outfit before hand, so that you can focus on the other last minute tasks that are stretching in front of you.

    5. I know what you are thinking; you are never going to survive the holidays. Not true! Remember to breath, kiss all your children when you tuck them into bed and give thanks for all the blessings in your life. For the beauty of the season is the magic in the air, when peace hits you just right. Yes, right when you finally get a chance to fall onto the couch, turn to your partner and lift a cold one out of the ice bucket that he thoughtfully had chilling for you. Merry Christmas from!

      personalized ice buckets

    Out With the Old; In With the New

    Friday, September 24th, 2010

    The changing of the seasons is a great time to go through your closets and clean out your drawers. Say goodbye to your shorts and tanks, and pull out those warm and fuzzy sweaters that you love so much. With growing children, this often means a trip to the store for a new wardrobe for the upcoming new season. Really, how is it that they grow so fast! Admit it though, it is a good excuse to go shopping.

    So, first things first, go through the drawers and pull out the shorts, capris, summer dresses and tank tops. While some items may not fit come the next warm day that swings around, many still will. Instead of shipping everything off to the Salvation Army, why not pack it away till Spring in the Alex Armoire by DucDuc. It is designed to meet all of your storage needs. It features a large storage drawer on the bottom, one side with two drawers and open storage space, and the other side with an adjustable hangbar and two adjustable shelves. It also has a  wire management in the  back. Just perfect for all your storage needs.

    Now that you have the summer stock put away, it is time to pull out the Autumn gear. If those sweaters are just too small, head over to Babybox and pick up some brand new ones for the season. Here is one of our newest and most popular personalized sweaters. Classic wide stripes with letter along the front make this a wonderful baby gift, toddler gift or back to school sweater for an older child. Made from soft 100% cotton and available in 22 different colors. Each sweater features your choice of stripe colors and single initial. Excellent quality and workmanship. This sweater looks great using two colors or adding a third color for the letter like navy and white stripes with red letter, or lime letter…or brown and white with pink letter..or denim and white with navy letter….your choices are endless.

    It is not too cold to go out and enjoy those fall colors though. Why not cuddle baby into the Chocolate Dots Bundle Bag by DwellStudio. It is a wonderful way to keep baby warm and snuggly in the carriage. This soft stroller cover features a bold circle pattern that is a signature motif for this fabulous collection. A great addition for a walk on a cool Fall or Winters day.

    Top it all off with the introduction back of outerwear. Yes, you might not need the snow suits yet, but you might as well find the mitts, scarves and hats. This personalized triple stripe knit hat with cozy ear flaps is a wonderful gift for any child. Made from soft 100% cotton and available in 22 different colors. Each hat features a classic stripe on the top in any two colors of your choice, a third complementing color is used for the base, and forth color is the monogram or name. As a finishing touch, each hat has tassles at the top. Convenient ties keep this hat in place on windy days or playing in the snow. It even has ear flaps to keep your little one warm and snuggly; Too cute! With all the new articles in your wardrobe, you will be plenty ready to welcome in the changing of the seasons.

    Bath Time!

    Friday, September 17th, 2010

    Bath Time!

    The sound of little feet racing down the hall in anticipation of bath time is enough to make anyone smile. Water splashing and bubbles flying through the air let you know that while cleaning is the point of the process, fun is what it is all about. So turn on the taps and watch the soap suds pop, as your little ones slide into bath time with glee.

    When water fills up the tub, you know it is going to get wild and raucous. Check to make sure the temperature of the water is safe (your elbow or the sensitive inner wrist are the best indicators of water temperature – if they get pink right away, it is too hot!), before letting your children jump in for their watery adventure. Before the whole bathroom gets soaked as well, pull the DwellStudio Paper Doll Shower Curtain across to contain some of the rain that will ensue. While this 100 % cotton percale  shower curtain is easy to care for, it will also bring a sense of charm to your bathroom. It may bring beauty to bath and shower time, but the best part is keeping the rest of the bathroom dry.

    After hair has been washed and the thousand and one bodies parts have been scrubbed, the real fun can begin. This Royal Jungle Turtle Bath Toy By Manhattan Toy is a fun filled activity that your child can enjoy during bath time. This bath time turtle is a puzzle that contains 4 shapes that will help young ones develop coordination. It also makes the sounds like a frog ! How can any little person resist the bright colors that make learning fun.

    When it is time to get out, you will be happy to have the Chocolate Dot Bath Mat by DwellStudio. The luxurious and absorbent 100% cotton mat features large contemporary chocolate dots on a white background. This new, plush double sided bath mat makes getting in and out of the bath a never ending game. Works great with DwellStudio Chocolate Dot bath items or by itself! As the water drips off little bodies, it will be soaked up by this soft mat that you will be happy to have.

    With hair finally towel-dried and brushed for bed, DwellStudio Paper Doll Bath wraps make a perfect fit. They are both soft and comfy, made just for sensitive young skin. It will make your little one feel all grown up while keeping them cozy and dry after bath time. Made of cotton percale and terry, this robe coordinates with Dwell’s latest bedding collections and make wonderful gifts! The perfect way to end the day as your clean and sleepy child toddles off to bed for the night.

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