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    Road Tripping

    Saturday, July 13th, 2013

    Summertime is wonderful for so many things; swimming, relaxing, getting together with friends. It is also a wonderful time to plan a family road trip. Whether the destination is the family cottage, a local campground or destinations unknown, road trips have long been a staple of many an American family. Why not join on a road trip today…

    Going on a Road Trip

    How about Newport for a destination? Ah, but the question is which one to choose? Should you point towards Newport, Rhode Island, part of the New England go-to summer destinations, filled with colonial homes, and a great place to take in some sailing or yachting? How about a little further afield to Newport, Oregon. Nestled on the Pacific Coast, this quiet town still has plenty to offer. How can it not, with the ocean on its doorstep, lighthouses to explore, andthe Oregon Coast Aquarium to marvel at!


    Where else might tempt your compass point? How about the bright lights, big city feel of Manhattan! If you want excitement, you’ll certainly find it here. One of the 5 boroughs of New York City, it is the smallest, but most densely populated of them. Home of Times Square, the Empire State Building, United Nations Headquarters, Wall Street, and the iconic Greenwich Village, there is literally something to see and do in Manhattan for anyone’s tastes.


    Once you have had enough of the energy of Manhattan, it is just a hope and a skip to the Hamptons on the other side of Long Island, New York. The playground for the rich and famous have been using The Hamptons as a summer retreat for years. With some of the most expensive zip codes in the country, you might not be able to make this part of the US your permanent home, but it certainly is fun to see how the other half lives as part of a summer road trip.


    It is difficult to make suggestions appropriate for all of’s fans though. We live in an amazing country with so many incredible sights to see from East to West, and North to South. You could take a road trip a simple as a trip to the beach, or as extensive as a journey to see all of our great states by land. The best bet is for us to provide you with a map and let you pick your own destination. Then the world is your oyster, as far as destinations go.

    Don’t forget to let us know where you go and how the trip goes!

    Summer Activities for Kids

    Friday, June 28th, 2013

    How long have your children been out of school for now? Are they still excited, or have they started to whine about being bored yet? Do you still have items on your “fun stuff to do with the kids” list? Do you need a few more ideas to add to it, before they drive you insane?

    Summer Activities For Kids

    personalized kitchen stickers

    Personalized kitchen stickers are perfect for labeling your strawberry jam!

    Young children love to help. They make natural gardeners, especially when it is time to harvest yummy goodness from the garden. While there might not be too much ready for harvesting in your back garden yet, June is the perfect month for berry picking. Strawberries are coming to a close in many areas, but blueberries are taking over in the picking department. Both are delicious to eat, and make for a fun family excursion to pick. Once you get home you can continue to eat them raw, or get creative with making pies, jams and jellies. A little strawberry jam mid-winter is enough to bring back warm summer memories and the fun you had together as a family.


    personalized double deck playing cards

    Anyone up for cards with these personalized double deck playing cards?

    We have had our fair share of rain so far this summer, which makes for not the best beach days, but perfect for indoor activities. Instead of watching the rain fall, why not grab a game and make the best of it with some family fun indoors. Teach your kids how to shuffle with these personalized double deck playing cards. They will be the envy of their friends next school year, especially when they show off how many new card games they have learned. Think Memory, Go Fish, Crazy Eights, Rummy, War, or even introduce the game of Cribbage for the more advanced card players out there.


    road hog tricycle

    Why not host a road hog tricycle play-date?

    How about arranging a play-date with some other neighborhood kids? Don’t feel like you need to spend every waking minute with your children. Sometimes they just need to spend time with friends their own age. Kids need to laugh, giggle and be silly, and doing that with someone your own age is sometimes the perfect remedy to boredom. All you need to do is provide snacks and a drink or two, and your kids can provide the rest of the magic, while you enjoy a little freedom from being entertainment organizer for a few hours.


    camping wall art

    Relive the fun memories all year with this camping wall art

    It wouldn’t be summer without a camping trip getting planned. There is just something about escaping from the everyday and exploring all that Mother Nature has to offer. Discover wildlife, go boating and swimming, or just relax by the campfire at night with a scary ghost story or two. A camping trip is not only fun, but a great way for your busy family to reconnect after a long school year has come to a close.


     What activities do you have planned for the kids this summer?

    Memorial Day Savings!

    Friday, May 24th, 2013

    Well, I don’t want to put a damper on your weekend, but a day splashing at the beach might not be in the cards this Memorial Day weekend, at least in Connecticut. Hopefully the long weekend will bring warmer temperatures in your part of the world, but don’t let the cool weather get you down. Who cares what the thermometer says, it is still the start of summer! That is worth a celebration in’s books any day. That is why we are hosting our Memorial Day Sale.


    personalized red, white & blue shirt

    That’s right, with a nod to the fine men and women who have fought and sacrificed for this great country of ours, we are slashing 20-30% off everything in the store. For every order of $100+, take 20% off with code MEMORIAL15. The savings grow the more you spend though! Spend $200+ and use code MEMORIAL20 to get 20% off your order. Orders over $1000 receive 25% off with code MEMORIAL25. Or taking a whopping 30% off orders of $4000+ with MEMORIAL30. Now THAT is something to get really excited about!


    personalized insulated tumblers

    So what’s on sale? Well, how about EVERYTHING! There is plenty of fabulous summer wear to choose from in our children’s clothing lines. We’ve got great items to buy for Dad in celebration of this upcoming Father’s Day. If you don’t have teacher gifts yet, you can peruse’s Teacher Gifts section as well. Plus, we know that the weather will eventually improve and you might need a hostess gift or two for all the swank summer soirees you will attend. has everything you need!


    wine stemware set of 4 – (glass) personalized

    Think about the hot, lazy summer days to come. You’ll be sipping cool drinks poolside. Chasing kids at the local splash pad. Jumping waves at the beach. Or maybe just relaxing with a good book on your new kindle or iPad. That is what summer is all about! And in case you forgot, here’s a reminder of our wonderful savings to expect when you’re shopping this weekend!


    del mar ipad 1, 2, 3 folio cover

    Memorial Day Weekend Savings
    Use Coupon Code: MEMORIAL15 (orders over $100)
    Use Coupon Code: MEMORIAL20 (orders over $200)
    Use Coupon Code: MEMORIAL25 (orders over $1000)
    Use Coupon Code: MEMORIAL30 (orders over $4000)

    Coupon Offer Expire: 5/27

    Have a great Long Weekend everyone!

    Getting Ready for Memorial Day

    Monday, May 20th, 2013

    Only five more days til the first long weekend of summer!Is everyone excited? Do you have plans for Memorial Day? Maybe camping, a day at the beach, gardening or opening the cottage? Or perhaps you would rather just relax and enjoy the long weekend in your backyard, possibly poolside? Now that sounds like a plan!


    Whatever your plans, if the sun comes out you will need a hat. The Bella Bliss sunhat is the perfect summer accessory. The adorable hat looks great and protects baby at the same time. Available in many fabrics– it is also the perfect coordinate to Bella Bliss outfits! Perfect for boys and girls. Features:

    • Available in navy, blue and pink stripe, solid white or kelly green dot
    • Sizes XS (6-12m), S (12m-18m), M (18m-24m), L (2-3)
    • Can be monogrammed (Additional Cost)

    If you are itching to get to the beach, then grab sunscreen and some swimsuits for the kids. If you love bikinis then you’ll love our new 3 piece mint green stripe bikini set. Our halter style bikini in fun summer stripe that comes with a matching hibiscus UV 50+ rash top. The girls will be happy and look great and the moms are happy they are safe from the sun. To be extra sun safe please wear your rash top between the hours of 11-3pm when the suns rays are at there worst.

  has suits for the boys in your life too. We love our new Snapper Rock short sleeve sun suit in Marine Blue, Green and White. This will protect your baby boy at the beach or pool this summer. The charming sun suits provide broad-spectrum sun protection, blocking 99% of all harmful rays. Less sunscreen is needed on delicate skins. Match with Flap hats for complete sun protection.


    A towel might come in handy too, if the plan is to get wet at all. These amazingly soft and plush terry cabana stripe towels are a must have for every household. They can be personalized with each child’s name, lending a hand to a very well organized beach bag! Great to bring to the beach clubs and country clubs as well.


    Now all you need is a bag to tuck all your essentials into. I think the large coral monogrammed becky basket bag will do. This unique and sophisticated Becky basket bag features coral single letter monogram shown on black ribbon. Single initial only. 11″ tall x 13.5″ x 5.5″ deep. Big enough to carry your sunscreen, towels, a snack  and drinks, plus maybe even that first summer romance novel of the season.


    Welcome summer!

    Happy Mother’s Day Ladies

    Friday, May 10th, 2013

    This weekend is all about MOM!

    It is Mother’s Day this coming Sunday, May 12th. What better time to celebrate all things MUMMY? knows a thing or two about Mamas. I bet you do too. Can you relate to these sentiments about your own dear Mum?

    Happy Mother’s Day

    market sling from serena & lily – flax/sky blue

    • Mummies bring babies into the world
    • Moms kiss booboos after their little ones fall down
    • Mamas give the best goodnight hugs and chase away any nightmares when they threaten
    • Mothers teach children Right from wrong
    • Mommies reward their kiddos with dessert after feats like saving the world from dastardly blanket invasions

    Plus, they have been known to perform a few other actions that aren’t always understood right away, despite maybe being good for you;

    personalized plate diamond pattern

    • Mothers aren’t afraid to scold kids when run they into the street before looking
    • Mums have been known to give evil eyes after dinner is eaten with fingers instead of forks
    • Mammas send their babies to bed when they are too tired to function anymore, despite adamant denials otherwise
    • Mommas make children try all kinds of food before they are allowed to pass judgement on whether it is liked or not
    • Ma forces kiddos to get dressed before heading out to school every day

    For all that they are, we love them and want them to know it. So we do whatever we can to show it, like;

    crayola crayon apron – pink stripe

    • Make our beds the best we can (lumps notwithstanding)
    • Give big wet, sloppy kisses, just because
    • Create artwork to fill a multitude of fridges
    • Pick flowers to present to her, whether they be your prize petunias or simple dandelions
    • Surprise you with breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day morning (we love burnt toast and coffee with grinds in it!)

    And for our part at, we’d like to add a few more suggestions of what Mom might really want this Mother’s Day. She wants;

    personalized baby announcement frame

    • To sleep in
    • To not have to do laundry
    • To have a meal made for her
    • That homemade card from her precious children (and maybe a bought treat or two!)
    • To receive a million and one hugs and kisses from the people she loves best in the world – her KIDS


    Happy Mother’s Day ladies! Hope it’s a special day for you.

    Things to Do When the Power is Out

    Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

    It has been a heck of a week on the Eastern seaboard. Hurricane Sandy knocked the stuffing out of New York City, New Jersey, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, even stretching up into Canada! Incredibly low pressure systems, winds, rain and snow devastated wide swathes of land, knocking out power to hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses. was just one of them.

    While everyone tries to pick up the pieces, there are still many people affected by the storm. Power has returned to many, but some folks are still sitting in the dark waiting for the lights to come back on. This post is for you.



    • Get a head start on wrapping your Christmas Gifts

    This beautiful letterpress personalized “Holiday dots” gift wrap is truly luxurious. This personalized gift wrap is a distinctive and meaningful way to decorate the exterior of your gift with any wording of your choice. Personalized wrapping paper is the perfect way to gift wrap holiday gifts, birthday gifts and baby shower gifts. It is different from others as a unique nine step stamping process is used to produce each roll.

    • Read a book snuggled under a warm blanket

    Our favorite new blanket, measuring a generous 36″ x 53″, this features classic blocks and initials throughout. Perfect for cuddling in a chair or just about anywhere – even for an adult room. Perfect design for a baby girl or boy and can be designed in any color combination you wish. With a wide range of colors and fonts to choose from, this blanket can be ordered in either easy to care for soft acrylic or luxury cashmere. The acrylic fabric never fades or shrinks, is very long lasting and is available in 18 colors. The cashmere is simply heaven and is available in 9 colors. and 6 fonts. (Antique Roman font only). Sample shown in Sand/Bleach White and Antique Roman Font.

    This 100% Palm Wax Monogrammed Candle is hand-poured in Vermont. Each Vermont made, hand poured candle slowly melts (tunnels) into itself as it burns, creating the perfect holder for a tea light. The carving actually illuminates as it burns down! Our signature tunnel burn means the carved candle is yours to enjoy for years to come. It’s the perfect keepsake!

    • Play an old-fashioned board game, minus the electronics!

    This set is super chic and quite clever, if we do say so ourselves!!! A colorful backgammon board that is personalized with the icon, font and text of your choice. In four color combinations with candy-colored game pieces and dice that resemble small ice cubes, this is a chic take on a classic game, certain to make cocktail hour fun! There are also 7 different colors available for the gaming pieces. Please note that the turquoise & coral pieces are opaque and the white & light blue pieces are frosted. The rest of the pieces are clear jewel tones. Available in pink & green, coral & turquoise, navy & kelly and blue & brown [not shown]. If you want a different color combo for the board other than what is shown, we can customize the colors on the board to coordinate with any of the game pieces for a $25 set up fee. Set includes glossy game board, 30 plastic game pieces, pair of crystal clear dice and ivory organza storage bag. Board measures 9” x 12.5” inches.


    And for those of you unlucky enough to be missing out on trick-or-treating tonight, due to the effects of Hurricane Sandy, we feel for you. Why not tell spooky ghost stories tonight by flash light? Hmm, unless you have had enough of a fright already this week, then why not a feel good story like this one to cuddle up to as we all reflect how important togetherness and family time truly is.

    personalized child’s book – who loves me

    Weathering The Storm

    Monday, October 29th, 2012

    Winds are whipping
    Rain is pouring
    Sandy is on the way.

    Storm is surging
    Streets are flooding
    We hope not to get carried away.

    afk fine art carried away by the wind

    Please excuse our lack of care
    Today’s a day we wouldn’t want to share

    The weather is wicked
    fit for neither man, nor beast
    our office is closed
    Hoping to re-open later this week

    So bear with us
    as we weather this storm
    we’ll be back again
    as soon as we’re back to the norm

    ~~~ hopes that all their friends, family & customers stay safe during Hurricane Sandy and its aftermath. We hope to re-open our office Tuesday or Wednesday depending upon power and the state of things. Thanks for your understanding.

    To The Beach! Top 10 Things To Take Along

    Friday, June 29th, 2012

    Holy crow, it’s supposed to be hot this weekend! How are you planning to keep yourself cool? A trip to the local pool is always nice, but I bet it will be packed. Have you made a trip to the beach yet? No? Well, I think it is time to go! Before you go though, make sure you pack essentials to ensure that you all have fun in the sun. Not sure what to take? Here are Babybox’s Top ten things to take to the beach!


    1. Towels - We have you covered there. Personalized Beach Towels are a great idea for summer. No more pool side fighting over whose towel is whose this summer. And best of all, you will never lose your towels again at the next beach outing or pool party. These beautiful monogrammed terry velour towels feature classic wide-stripe, and are luxuriously soft and absorbent cotton velour. These luxurious towels will last through the summer and are top quality terry. Made from the finest long staple pure cotton yarns. Towels are pre-washed and preshrunk. 

    3. Beach umbrella - Catching a few rays to banish that Casper-like gleam is one thing, but too much sun isn’t good for anyone. Take along a beach umbrella to give your brain a break from heat every once in a while. 

    5. Bathing suits - You can’t head to the beach with a bathing suit! has lots to choose from in swimwear. Like the red/white uv50+ ultra cool board shorts for boys and girls, babies to teens are a perfect way to enjoy the outdoors. The vibrant pattern and sun protection offer style and safety for trips to the beach, pool and all outdoor fun. The Hawaiian prints and solid colors mix and match with our swim shirts, and new bucket hats. 

    7. Sunscreen - No matter how much time you spend under the beach umbrella, there is no excuse not to slather up with sunscreen first. A trip to the beach might last all day, and the sun’s rays can be punishing without a little protection. Make sure to grab sunscreen with at least a UV protection of 30, if not 60, plus make sure it is waterproof! After splashing in the water, reapply to keep your protection up and your risk of sunburn down. You want to have memories to take home with you, not a red-hot burn to keep you up all night! 

    9. Coverup - Even with the protection of a bathing suit, sunscreen and a beach umbrella, sometimes it is a good idea to give yourself a break from the sun. That’s why we always make sure to take along a beach cover-up. This adorable white with pink trim kaftan is perfect for the warm Carribean sun. Offers even more sun protection when paired with one of Snapper Rock’s sunsuit sets. A must have for the Summer. 

    11. Beach toys - A trip to the beach isn’t complete without a shovel and bucket to make a sand castle with. Plus, you might want to make room for a pool noodle, beach ball, kite, and whatever else you can fit in for fun! 

    13. Snacks - Now we are talking about it! You cannot live on sunshine alone. Tuck in some sandwiches, granola bars, fresh fruit or whatever else might make for a perfect picnic at the beach. You can’t play on an empty stomach. Yum! 

    15. Drinks - Along with a few nibblies, it is essential to make sure you keep hydrated. Bring your water bottle, juice or whatever wet refreshements that you and the family prefer. Let’s go to the beach and sit by our pools with our insulated tumblers! These are the stylish, personalized way to keep your beverages cool and no one will mistake which glass of ice tea is yours! Holds 20 oz and includes straw. BPA free. Hand Wash Only. These tumblers are proudly and safely made in the USA. To see your choice of patterns and typestyles please click on the photos at left. Personalize with one initial or monograms only – maximum of 3 characters. Please allow 2-3 weeks for personalization. 

    17. Sunglasses - Don’t forget  to grab your sunglasses on your way out the door! Your eyes need protection from the sun’s harmful rays and sunscreen won’t cut it there. Make sure you protect them to ensure that you’ll be enjoying the view at the beach for many more years to come.  

    19. Tote to carry it all in – Unless you have an army of porters, taking all that stuff along might seem like a hassle. That is why you need to tuck it all into a handy tote!  This summer bag is a popular choice and has been a best seller for years. Made of indoor/outdoor fabric and is water, stain, and fade resistant. Very light weight and can be personalized any way you wish; your boat name, house name, logo, or club. A perfect choice to carry all your beach needs!

    Happy Grandparents Day

    Friday, September 9th, 2011

    We might be early, but we want to wish a very happy Grandparents Day to all of the fabulous grandparents out there in the world. The US has officially been celebrating grandparents since September 9th 1979, so we thought that we should too! Grandparents Day is the first Sunday after Labor Day every year, but we shall be with our own grandparents this Sunday, so thought we would send out our love early, so that you can do so too!

    We love our very own grandparents enough to even poke a little fun at our blue-rinse grandmas, and grandpas that fall asleep in their easy chairs as soon as they push away from the dinner table. Have you had the pleasure of holding a skein of Gramma’s yarn, while she knits you a beautiful neon blue sweater that you never asked for? Perhaps you have been lucky enough to lick the bowl, after baking shortbread cookies with your Nana. Did your Gramps ever prattle on about the time when he and Uncle Lester and cousin Jimmy snuck out to tip cows in the next town over? I hope you nodded in delight at these antics, because one day you too will be sharing these golden nuggets with your less than interested grandchildren. Oh, but we jest though! Being spoiled by Grandma and Grandpa (until being returned to the care of our folks), was one of the best memories of childhood we have. So salutes all that Grandparents do today! Here are a few items that we carry that are perfect to keep your very special grandparents in mind.


    Celebrate grandparents and our love and affection for them with this hand painted frame. The solid background features an “I (heart shape) my” across the top and “grandma & grandpa” written across the bottom. The sides of the frame feature a coordinating gingham ribbon. Change grandma to oma or grandpa to pop pop or what ever endearment you use. Just enter below what you would like it to say…no additional charge. The frame is 5 x 7 and available in cream/sand or white/sand (as shown). Perfect gift all year round.


    Every Grandpa needs a magnetic note pad to help keep track of his tasks! This note pad features specially crafted artwork at the top that says ”We Love Grandpa” along with crayons and paintbrushes. It comes beautifully wrapped in a cello bag with a blue grosgrain bow. Grandpa will be sure to remember who gave him this special notepad each and every time he uses it! BonBon Notes measure 3 3/4″ x 9″ and are printed on recycled warm white paper. As an added appeal, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of this product will be donated to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation and other organizations promoting breast cancer awareness. You can celebrate Grandpa and make a difference int he world at the same time. Perfect!


    This personalized grandparents block makes the perfect Grandparent gift. Each side can be engraved with the names of up to three grandchildren, their birth dates and a short gift message from you. If there are not enough grandchildren for all four sides, we will fill empty sides with the grandchildren clip art shown in the product picture. This will be a gift to cherish. This unique little block arrives gift wrapped. Each side of the block measures 2 1/4″ inches.


    We know that Christmas is still a ways off yet, but its never too early to plan ahead! Especially when it comes to these Grandma’s angel christmas ornaments! This special ornament from a granddaughter for Grandma will light up your tree and be a wonderful addition to your holiday decorations. Handpainted with a charming angel and colorful accents, this will be perfect for a young girl to give this special person in her life. Each tile is finished at the top with a coordinating ribbon for hanging. Personalized with your child’s first name and year, each ornament is heat sealed using original artwork. It makes a wonderful keepsake.


    What do your Grandparents mean to you? We would love it if you shared! Have a super weekend celebrating your Grandparents.



    Making the Camping Check List

    Monday, June 27th, 2011

    Memorial day weekend is coming up fast! Do you know what you are doing this long weekend? For those of you going camping, have you started to pack yet? If not, why not pack a little bit every day this week, so that you can get away early next weekend. Let’s start by making a checklist. You will need;

    • a tent
    • children's waterproof ponchos

    • tarps in case it rains (but it won’t, think positive!)
    • ponchos and an umbrella (in case it does)
    • a dining tent, if you have one
    • roll mats or air mattresses to sleep on (unless you are hardy enough to sleep on the ground)
    • personalized knit name pillow 10x10 (optional matching blanket)

    • sleeping bags enough for everyone
    • pillows
    • mat for doorway of tent (I always forget that!)
    • hand broom to brush dirt out of the tent that will get in regardless of what you do
    • lanterns & flashlights
    • camp stove
    • personalized playing cards

    • dishes & cutlery
    • entertainment for around the campsite (ex. cards, books, balls, butterfly nets, whatever fun things your kids or you might be into)
    • food (think breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and don’t forget your condiments!)
    • either long skewers or an appropriate knife to whittle a marshmallow stick (it just isn’t camping without smores! – so bring graham crackers, plain chocolate & of course a bag of marshmallows too!)
    • uv50+ short sleeve sunsuit by snapper rock (pale blue/chocolate/white)

    • beach towels & bathing suits (you have to get to the beach at some point between all that food!)
    • beach toys
    • toiletries and sundry, ie. shampoo and soap to wash all the sand off at the end of the day
    • sunscreen for the beach and bug spray for the evenings
    • boys pima pocket short by bella bliss

    • clothing for all (think light long sleeves for when the bugs do arrive,  as well as all the shorts and t-shirts for daytime fun)
    • and just maybe a bigger vehicle to pack all that stuff in!

    It may seem like a lot of stuff and even more work to collect all the essentials for a weekend away, but once you can sit back and enjoy that special family time together in the great outdoors, you will remember why you love camping so much. So breathe deep, put your head down and dive into that checklist. You will be laughing on the beach with your kids before you know it!

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