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    Portrait of a Company

    Friday, October 4th, 2013

    Once upon a time…

    there was a woman with a dream. She liked to shop for gifts for friends, family and co-workers, but found that finding the time and the right product was a challenge. So she decided to make it easier for others by simplifying the process. And in 1996 was born.

    Now this woman wasn’t content to just sell a bib here or a mass-produced toy there. Oh no, she wanted to sell only the highest quality baby products that she could find. She also wanted the process to be easy, as she knew how precious time could be. Who has the time to shop umpteen numbers of stores to find the right product that you desire? Some do, but enough other people struggle with time management during the day and just want to go home to relax at the end of it. Hence online shopping was key to‘s mission. Shopping from your own home simplifies any shopping experience, especially when helpful customer service representatives are just a quick phone call away to help you with your shopping needs.

    Sometimes the magic of a gift is in the packaging of it though. Who doesn’t recall the excitement of staring at an unopened present, wondering what could possibly be inside? What would Christmas and birthdays be like without that thrill? That’s why also makes the effort to present all of our orders in beautiful packaging. Sometimes the surprise is just as important as the gift itself and we know that.

    Ultimately, the vision was all about babies though. They are a wonderful addition to any family and celebrates that. We offer personalized gifts, custom-made furniture, unique on-of-a-kind items, and products that are just plain perfect for kids. Because not only did Katherine Styne Type want all of this for her customers, but she has a family of her own that deserve only the best as well. So if you are wondering where to find a great baby gift, try Katherine had a vision 17 years ago, and it has only grown bigger through the years.

    See why she stands out in the e-commerce marketplace today!

    Bedtime with

    Wednesday, September 4th, 2013

    So is everyone back to school now? How has the transition gone from summer fun with few schedules and routines, to full-blown back to the grind running been? Yeah, it is rough for many of us. Not only do you have to fit in school, homework, and extracurricular activities, but it is a good idea to work on going to bed earlier, so that you can get up and get going for those busy days. It might take a few weeks, but you’ll get back into the swing of things soon enough.

    In the meantime, why not sweeten the bedtime routine with some new pajamas to encourage slipping between the sheets at night.’s Sleepwear

    heirloom ruffle footed sleeper First up, make sure baby is snug and warm this fall. How sweet is this hand-embroidered pima cotton footie! The sweetest ruffle detailing at the collar, lends such a classic look. Super soft and cozy, you will love your baby in this.


    pima pajamas (jammies) by bella bliss Our pima cotton jammies by Bella Bliss are as soft as they come. Classic colors, pink, blue or red, in a unisex style for boys or girls. These will keep your child warm and cozy and want to wear these over and over again so you may consider purchasing more than one. Stretch cuffs and stretch waist add extra comfort.


    barefoot dreams bamboo chic kids cover-up robe This cozy children’s robe will make your child feel just like Mommy and Daddy. Not just for grown ups…kids too can wrap up in their very own CozyChic Cover Up. This sumptuously soft and cushy robe is made from CozyChic®, a machine-washable microfiber that won’t ever shrink or pill. Each robe includes a hood and is washable and dryable. Perfect for a day at the pool, a post bath cover up or just before bedtime. After a dip in the pool, ocean or tub, wrap your little one in the super soft warmth of the hooded Barefoot Dreams Kids Cover Up Robe. The greatest feature of Barefoot Dreams is that it gets softer and cozier with each washing!


    nite shirt - pink fall flower flannel It doesn’t hurt for Mom to have some new pjs too. This pink fall flower nightshirt is as comfortable as it is flattering! Made of a very cute and very cozy flannel fabric with pink piping detailing. Makes for a great gift as well. We carry other styles of women’s sleepwear by Kayce Hughes as well, so browse the selection.


    Sleep Well!

    Calling for a Play Date!

    Friday, August 30th, 2013

    School is back in. New relationships are being formed on the playground every day. It is an exciting and scary time for little ones who are just starting into the school stream.

    One way to make the transition easier is to encourage the budding relationships between your child and their new playmates. Now is the time to chat to other parents and think about setting up a playdate or two for your child and their new friends. Instead of fumbling for a scrap piece of paper and pen in your purse, why not be prepared. Get your personalized calling cards and start setting up playdates for next weekend!’s Calling Cards

    moms round calling cards with flowers These pretty pink personalized calling cards with flower design will make Mom’s life easy. No more searching for a pen and scrap of paper to scribble phone numbers on. Play dates and other arrangements can now be easy. This set features 36 2.5″ circles printed on 110lb card stock created with a professional inkjet printer. The contact information is listed on the back of the card as shown. A great gift for mother’s everywhere.


    camo calling cards Dabney Lee camo calling cards are perfect for any occasion. Whether it is for personal or business use, calling cards have become the new must have stationery accessory. Dabney Lee’s custom calling cards are perfect to slip into a gift, hand to your friends or give to the parents at school. Pick your pattern, fonts and images and you will be ready to hand out your new snappy happy cards! The pattern design is carried onto the back of the card too.


    calling cards – asian branch These Posh peacock calling cards with a beautiful, little “Asian Branch” printed on it, is a very unique way to communicate and to stay in touch. It is great for both business and personal use.

    These calling cards are printed on sturdy 15 pt matte finish stock. It can be customized based on chosen imagery and provided fonts. Reverse side printing is available for additional cost. A free digital proof will be provided prior to printing.


    playdate calling cards These calling cards are perfect for any Mom. Perfect must have for any Mom, ideal for coordinating play dates at the playground, or as a stylish alternative to the often stuffy business card. Printed on heavyweight, natural white cardstock. Available in your choice of sets of 50, 100 or 250. Standard business card size measures 3.5” x 2” inches.

    Back to Routines for Mom

    Monday, August 26th, 2013

    The first bell has rung. School has begun. Once all you parents have finished your happy dances, you can get back into routines again yourself. Did you think that you would get away scot free? Sorry about that! It’s time for PTA meetings, running kids to after-school activities, and maybe even a trip to the gym (if you can fit back into your sweats after a long lazy summer). Up and at em. Let’s get the adults back into shape today.

    parent's journal for the babysitter Ok, PTA meetings are something that just has to get scheduled in.No questions asked. And unless your kids are already old enough to stay home on their own, that means a babysitter for you. That’s where this handy little journal comes in. This is the perfect gift for a new mom. Instead of scrawling instructions on the kitchen notepad every time you hire a sitter, jot them down once and for all in “A Parent’s Journal for the Babysitter”. An extremely well-organized diary of all your baby’s routines, special likes, dislikes, and important phone numbers. Works well for older kids too! Comes equipped with tabbed sections and categories. There’s even a separate pad for contact information and schedules. It’s so simple, stylish and useful, this will be one of the most valuable gifts you can give. No more worries about leaving your child to new caregivers or visiting relatives.


    The new Captain Louis tote by Henry Brown is a must have in every household. This large stylish canvas bag is an ideal choice whenever you need a bag to carry a lot of stuff; beach towels, ski jackets, weekend toys, riding boots, tennis or gym clothes. With a bit more style than a LL Bean tote, this bag is a nice alternative. The Captain Louis is made of durable all canvas exterior, finished out with handles and a bottom in bourbon barrel brown. Inside is finished with a brown and white stripe and is trimmed with a coordinating velvet ribbon. Each Captain Louis Tote Bag measures an oversized 26 x 17. It is available in 7 colors each with cream colored top stitching. Features a single interior zipper pocket; an easy top tabbed closure.Before you hit the first PTA meeting, you might want to hit the gym. Grab your sweats, runners and a water bottle. It is time to work off all those summer cocktails ladies! Everything that you need for the gym will fit into the new Captain Louis tote by Henry Brown. It is a must have in every household. This large stylish canvas bag is an ideal choice whenever you need a bag to carry a lot of stuff; beach towels, ski jackets, weekend toys, riding boots, tennis or gym clothes. With a bit more style than a LL Bean tote, this bag is a nice alternative. The Captain Louis is made of durable all canvas exterior, finished out with handles and a bottom in bourbon barrel brown. Inside is finished with a brown and white stripe and is trimmed with a coordinating velvet ribbon. Each Captain Louis Tote Bag measures an oversized 26 x 17. It is available in 7 colors each with cream colored top stitching. Features a single interior zipper pocket; an easy top tabbed closure.


    personalized water bottles Along with resuming your trips to the gym, how about getting back into other healthier habits. Drinking water now and again wouldn’t hurt. Make a statement at the gym, park or beach with our Clairebella personalized water bottles. Apart from being stylish and comfortable, they are Eco-friendly as well. Take it any place from gym, park, office or even for shopping girls! It comes in 8”t x 3”w size with 20 oz. The bottle is extremely handy with two lids and a carabiner key clip for attaching it easily. It is BPA free as well. The maximum characters that can be written are 7.


    wall calendar by momagenda The only thing left is to organize routines for the entire family. Easy, right? Not when Jimmy’s got football practice at 6pm, 3 night a week, Jenna’s got piano twice a week, and Nathan takes both karate and Scouts to fit in. The Wall Calendar from MomAgenda is a brilliant new addition for every busy family. This Wall Calendar’s unique format separates planning space for mom and up to four children so you can manage multiple schedules without multiple headaches. This new design has new colors and more space!


    Now the whole family is ready to swing back into routine!

    Happy Mother’s Day Ladies

    Friday, May 10th, 2013

    This weekend is all about MOM!

    It is Mother’s Day this coming Sunday, May 12th. What better time to celebrate all things MUMMY? knows a thing or two about Mamas. I bet you do too. Can you relate to these sentiments about your own dear Mum?

    Happy Mother’s Day

    market sling from serena & lily – flax/sky blue

    • Mummies bring babies into the world
    • Moms kiss booboos after their little ones fall down
    • Mamas give the best goodnight hugs and chase away any nightmares when they threaten
    • Mothers teach children Right from wrong
    • Mommies reward their kiddos with dessert after feats like saving the world from dastardly blanket invasions

    Plus, they have been known to perform a few other actions that aren’t always understood right away, despite maybe being good for you;

    personalized plate diamond pattern

    • Mothers aren’t afraid to scold kids when run they into the street before looking
    • Mums have been known to give evil eyes after dinner is eaten with fingers instead of forks
    • Mammas send their babies to bed when they are too tired to function anymore, despite adamant denials otherwise
    • Mommas make children try all kinds of food before they are allowed to pass judgement on whether it is liked or not
    • Ma forces kiddos to get dressed before heading out to school every day

    For all that they are, we love them and want them to know it. So we do whatever we can to show it, like;

    crayola crayon apron – pink stripe

    • Make our beds the best we can (lumps notwithstanding)
    • Give big wet, sloppy kisses, just because
    • Create artwork to fill a multitude of fridges
    • Pick flowers to present to her, whether they be your prize petunias or simple dandelions
    • Surprise you with breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day morning (we love burnt toast and coffee with grinds in it!)

    And for our part at, we’d like to add a few more suggestions of what Mom might really want this Mother’s Day. She wants;

    personalized baby announcement frame

    • To sleep in
    • To not have to do laundry
    • To have a meal made for her
    • That homemade card from her precious children (and maybe a bought treat or two!)
    • To receive a million and one hugs and kisses from the people she loves best in the world – her KIDS


    Happy Mother’s Day ladies! Hope it’s a special day for you.

    The Best For Mom

    Friday, September 21st, 2012

    You are a busy lady. We can appreciate that. Mom’s always seem to put everyone else ahead of themselves. The baby needs to be fed NOW! Your daughter needs new tights for her school picture. Your son forgot that he’s got to bring in snacks for the class tomorrow. The goldfish ran out of food yesterday and even the cat has been making a weird acking noise that might require a trip to the vet. Where is the time for YOU in all of life’s business? That’s what I thought – Nowhere!

    Not today though. wants to pamper you with some luxuries that are all about the woman in you. Are you ready to see the finest in Gifts for Mom? Take a look at what we have on offer!



    Nothing says luxury quite like cashmere. here we offer the luxurious softness of pure Scottish cashmere, personalized with your very own monogram to make an extraordinary gift for you or for someone special. This monogrammed cashmere v-neck sweater by designer Queen of Cashmere is one of our favorites. You will get stopped with people asking you where they can find one. Queen of Cashmere Sweaters are luxury knitting in its highest form. Bespoke. Personalized. Deluxe. When your own monogram is all the logo you need.


    Comfort is where its at with this red pepperberry dove nite shirt. Our nite shirt in red pepperberry dove pattern is 100% cute and 100% comfortable. Just what Mom ordered at the end of a long and hectic day. Our customers love it in this soft dove fabric with red piping. And you will too!


    What about when you want to kick it up a notch with your jewelry accessories? How about the moon and lola script monogram necklace! Feel proud to wear your monogram with this gorgeous cut necklace by designer Moon and Lola. Cutout monograms are the hottest jewelry trend ~ seen around the necks of so many celebrities. This necklace is available in 4 sizes in your choice of gold filled or sterling silver. This necklace will become a treasured keepsake that you will wear so often, it will become a jewelry staple in your closet matching everything and great for layering. Custom ordered and designed for each order, each is as unique as you. **If you do not have a middle initial, it will still look fabulous and will features your two initials and an ampersand (i.e., M&L) Available in four size options all attached on a 16″ chain with a 3″ extender: Large measures (1 5/8″), Medium measures (1 1/4″), Small measures (1″). Most popular are our Medium and Large sizes due to the interlocking letters and design being viewed well. Also available in 14k gold.


    Doesn’t every woman need a great bag too? thinks so and we have lots of choices, like this allison patent leather bag. We simply adore this chic monogrammed patent tote bag in Black, Brown or Navy. Tone on Tone monogram – only 2 initials in the overlay font. Handles are saddle leather. Bag is ‘totally’ stitched here in the USA. Black is lined in toile, brown is lined in animal print, navy is lined in lime animal print. Split pocket inside – bag can be clipped or left open. When open the size is 18″wide x 13″tall x5″deep.


    Now all you need is that drink with your name on it! has got you covered there too with these personalized highball glasses. Personalize in style with our stylish personalized set of 6 glass highball glasses. Each is made in USA. Personalized to your desire in the font of your choice. Set of 6 – 15.25 oz Cooler/Highball Coordinates with our Elemental Glass Pitcher. Dishwasher safe and made in USA! If highballs aren’t your thing, we’ve got old-fashioned, cocktail and wine glasses too in our personalized tabletop beveragewear.


    Have we missed any other essentials Mom?


    Last TWO Days For’s Annual Fall/Winter Trunk Show!

    Wednesday, September 12th, 2012

    Today was supposed to be the last day for‘s Annual Fall/Winter Trunk Show, but with the overwhelming support and turnout, we have decided to add one more day! That’s right. The show has been extended to Thursday September 13, from 9:30am-4:00pm! We have had a fabulous show so far, and wish to offer thanks to everyone who has taken the time to stop by. We loved seeing you! Don’t forget that those of you that haven’t been able to stop in can still visit our website and shop for our latest fashions and designs there.


    Bella Bliss Layette

    Elizabeth Daniel Shirt Collection

    CPC Designs 2012 Fall/Winter Collection










    Just because the show ends this week, doesn’t mean the savings end there though. If you didn’t read down to the small print on the bottom of our link, let me share this little tidbit here;


    Save 15%
    To receive 15% off your purchase, please print this coupon and and present it at the show in person. Have a friend? You are welcome to share the offer with friends and family.  This coupon can also be placed through any purchase on our website by visiting us online, using code SHOW15 at Offer Expires: September 15, 2012

    Private shopping appointments also subject to availabilty during non show times and weekends.
    Call 203.655.0185, ext 11 to make an appointment

    Have a friend? You are welcome to share the offer with friends and family.


    That’s right! You get 15% off your purchase at the show, plus you can share the savings with your friends and family. You can even use this code SHOW 15 to shop online and still receive 15% off; good thru til September 15th, 2012. How is that for generous?! So get busy and get shopping folks, before our Fall/Winter Trunk Show, and all its savings, are gone. Remember that we have all the latest Fall and Winter fashions for Mom, baby, boys and girls, plus stationery, home decor, personalized gifts and so much more. Hurry in, as time is ticking!

    Hope to see you soon!!

    Boxwood Paper Co Stationery & Gifts

    Personalized Lunch Boxes

    Personalized Soaps & Candles

    Skirt the Issue

    Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012

    There’s no denying it. This time of year many of us prefer skirts to pants. It is still warm enough to get away without long pants, but a mite cool in the mornings for shorts. Skirts are the perfect answer. If its cool, you can add nylons or knee highs. If its warmer, let your legs be bare and free! They are great for grocery shopping, dinner parties or just puttering around the house. appreciates that and has skirts for all the girls, big and small. Which ones do you like?


    If you have been living in your Mom-jeans and board shorts, then take a look at this pretty skirt to make you feel feminine again. Here is the soire skirt giant pink and green roses. This flattering skirt with side pockets goes effortlessly from day to evening in bright floral designed to brighten up any day. For all you do for your family, you deserve the very best. Dressing to feel that way can make all the difference some days.


    While older girls might not be quite ready for elegant dinner parties on a regular basis, they still like to feel pretty on occasion too. In fact, there are lots of girlie girls out there that wouldn’t dream of being seen in anything but a dress or skirt. This skirt is perfect for them. Stylish yet comfortable, the classic pink wool plaid skirt is a nice Fall wardrobe staple for any girl. It has soft colors that match many outfits. A must have for Thanksgiving. The best part is that the sizing is available for ages 2-12 years.


    It’s not just older girls that like to be pretty though. Little girls have been known to sport a skirt or seven as well. Of course, more often than not little girls have a penchance for getting a little messy. Good quality clothing that can stand up to the washer can be a life-saver for any busy mom. That’s why you need to consider this pretty skirt. Classic A-Line styling for every day and very comfortable, the new button skirt will be a wardrobe staple this Fall Season for back to school. Available in 4 corduroy color combinations perfect for Fall. With sizing from ages 2-12 year, both your big and little girls can enjoy this pretty skirt.


    What about the youngest girls though? The selection is all yours as far as outfits are concerned. And which mother out there hasn’t dreamed of their baby girl all dressed up in ribbons and bows in the cutest outfit going? You know there will be plenty of skirts in your baby’s wardrobe. You know what you need underneath it though; a bloomer to make the outfit shine. These pique diaper covers are a wardrobe staple that will also make a memorable gift. The diaper covers are made with the highest quality Swiss imported pique fabric and trimmed with 100% cotton ric rac.


    Now don’t skirt the issue. Go check out all the rest of the pretty things that has to offer.

    Happy Mother’s Day!

    Friday, May 6th, 2011

    Happy Mother’s Day to all of you Mommies out there who deserve recognition for all that you do.

    We allow our bodies to be stretched and kicked while our babies are in utero and again when our little angels come into the world. We shelter and nourish our children. We support and encourage all that they do. When bumps and scrapes occur, we hug and kiss those tears away while applying those magic bandages that make it all better. Mothers let our babies step into the world, testing,  learning and growing, but also stay close enough to be there for security and encouragement along the way.

    We all come from mothers and they all deserve a little extra love this weekend. has a few ideas of what you can do to show your mother that you love and appreciate all that she does. Why not get one of gifts for her?

    Wrap Mom up in this cozy chic hoodie by Barefoot Dreams. It is a must have for any mother’s wardrobe. You may even want more than one once you feel one; one for home…one for travel…and one for work…you’ll never run out of excuses to wear it. This hoodie is available in 5 striking shades. These fitted, fashion conscious zip-up’s are made of famous BambooChic® making them just as irresistible as our Barefoot Dreams robes. This is sure to keep you cozy and warm all year long.

    You know that Mom will always be available for you, no matter where you are. If that means that she is a phone call away, why not make sure her cell phone is pretty and safe from harm? Protect her phone while adding personalization! These new cell phone cases from Clairebella will fit your iPhone 3G/3GS, iPhone 4, Blackberry Bold 9700 and Blackberry Curve 8520. Choose from 12 patterns and 13 accent/font colors. Only monograms will be available on these, but boy, will your phone look fantastic! These cases are made by case-mate and will follow their warranty.

    Select your case pattern, the font color, the monogram background color, and font style. Keep in mind that the Times NR is uppercase letters only and will all be the same size. It will read first, middle and then last initial and would be a great look for a men’s case (so keep that in mind for Father’s Day!). For the Script or Monogram fonts, the middle letter is larger than the two letters on the sides. It will read first, last and then middle or maiden initial. The Script is traditionally a feminine font and the Monogram font could certainly be used for a man or woman. You are the designer, let your imagination work!

    This Amanda Necklace will be certain to bring her a smile as well. Shiny hammered rings link earthy shades of dyed white jade, coffee glass, gold sand glass, brown mother-of-pearl, and resin beads. Adjustable length. Wear long, or tie short with ribbon. Everyone will comment on her unique jewelry when she wears it and you can be proud to say that it came from you.

    Wrap it all up with recycled personalized gift wrap – louisville. This beautiful letterpress personalized “Louisville” gift wrap is recycled and recyclable. This Eco friendly wrapping paper is the perfect way to gift wrap holiday gifts, birthday gifts and baby shower gifts. It is different from others as a unique nine step stamping process is used to produce each roll.

    So now you can show how special the gift receiver is by personalizing this gift wrap. Choose your lettering style, imprint color and wording and we will create something special for you or your recipient.

    Happy Mother’s Day!

    Play dates, beach days, ball games and more. It is time to get Organized!

    Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

    Summer time is under way. While lazy days will come and go, you can be sure that there will be many a day where you will be running from the beach, to playdates, to the game and maybe even  the cottage. If you want to make sure that you can fit in all of that, maybe it is time to grab that day planner you have been meaning to invest in. This snap closure, 3-ring day planner and personal agenda is perfect for every busy Mom. Introducing the most luxurious momAgenda ever: the Personal Portfolio is a gorgeous new momAgenda day planner featuring a brand new, bonded leather 3-ring binder! This flexible system includes everything you love about momAgenda and more. And now, using a 3-ring binder system, you can customize it to fit your needs! It features a unique weekly layout with space for mom and up to four children, that makes managing multiple schedules a breeze, including monthly views too. There is space for writing in all your essentials, like important phone numbers, kids’ and adults’ medical information, birthdays, websites and passwords, addresses and more. With a  “To Do” section,  “Notes” section, and “Planning” section that includes space for party planning, vacation planning and more, you will be set for everything that comes your way. It even has colored tabs to keep each section separate for your ease and convenience. You can now plan your days, weeks and months easily.

    Having your day planner is only half the battle though. It is one thing to have your plans laid out, but setting dates with others takes a little more organization.  These pretty pink cards with all Mom’s contact information included will make life easy. No more searching for a pen and scrap of paper to scribble phone numbers on. Play dates and other arrangements can now be easy. This item is available in sets of 36 and 48. The cards are 2.5″ circles printed on 110lb card stock created with a professional inkjet printer. Your play date and everyone’s summer sanity is just a phone call away. This truly makes a great gift for mother’s everywhere.

    With your play date planned and ready, it is time to head out the door. Don’t just grab a shopping bag for all your essentials to take with you though. Opt for this stylish tote. Every mom this summer needs a sophisticated GG bag to carry to the beach, park, poolside or anywhere your days take you. A bit more refined than the classic LL Bean Canvas Tote, the GG Tote has rounded shape and complementing round handle. The unique GG design is on heavy, natural canvas with a choice of colored bindings. With your own personal 3-letter monogram or up to 8 letter word you will arrive to your date in style.

    At the end of the day, when you are too pooped to move, it is finally time to unwind. You have worked hard all day and deserve a little something to relax. Why not fill up your new personalized lucite ice bucket with a tray of ice cubes and slide a nice bottle of wine, coolers or lemonade into it to cool off with. A great addition to your outside patio or poolside party, you will be glad you have it when you need a little refreshment. Choose from our stylish swatches + monograms to create your one-of-a-kind gift… or design one for yourself! Now sit back and relax after your day of planning and  running around and let summer fun be your true guide.

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