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    The Desk: Has the Perfect One for You

    Monday, September 2nd, 2013

    Back to school. Back to routines. Back to homework! Oh no!! has got you covered though. We have already made suggestions on how to set up your child’s homework station. Now all you need to do is set it up, if you haven’t already. There are thousands of options out there, but who has the time to shop around? Let help you out. We have plenty of desks to choose, in a variety of personalized colors and styles, from some of our favorite designers. Whether you want new classic, modern, simple or ornate, we’ve got it all.’s Desks

    monterey desk The Monterey Desk by Alligator Enterprise is the place where your child will love to do their homework. The large desk space has plenty of room for your child’s computer along with other favorite items to display. School supplies can be stored in the top drawer, the hanging file drawer is perfect for keeping items organized, and the drop – front keyboard drawer makes typing easy. The desk has a handcrafted and original design that makes it look great in any child’s bedroom. Select from a large variety of finishes to match their bedroom. No matter the finish, the Monterey Desk will be the perfect addition to any child’s bedroom.


    desk - bella luna (heritage) The Bella Luna Desk by Sweet Beginnings is a perfect addition to any girl’s room no matter what their age. The versatile style can be used as a vanity when they are young and as a workspace as she grows up. The desk shown above features the heritage style leg. Whether complementing an existing home decor or creating a new living environment, this beautiful desk is functional and decorative. The classic design is available with two different styles of legs and for extra space there is an optional hutch. Most desks have many colors to choose from, so that you can truly customize the piece to match any child’s room or decor. The piece has an heirloom quality that is sure to be enjoyed for generations to come.


    ducduc desk - campaign The DucDuc Campaign desk is a rocking unit for your kid. The optional entertainment unit is what you call icing on the cake. The custom made hardware with DucDuc logo pulls makes it attractive. Made in the USA.


    french computer desk The french style desk by Art for Kids is the perfect workplace for your little student and a great decorative piece as well. Handcrafted from alder and birch woods, this desk is available with and without applique mouldings and in many finishes. With drawers and a door it has plenty of room.


    planters desk The planters desk, made by world-renowned designer Seabrook Classics, is a well constructed furnishing for your child’s room. It is made from solid wood, accompanied with two adjustable shelves on each side, with beadboard backing and plantation shutter doors that give plenty of space for storage. The desk is available in a Victorian white shade that adds to any nearby surroundings; definitely making it more charming with an energetic touch. The designing is done with perfection that makes it a point of attraction for any type of setting.


    beadboard desk & hutch The Relics Furniture Beadboard Desk is a decorative way to furnish your young student’s room. This desk has traditional cottage styling with 3 Drawers on Left & 2 Open Shelves on Right. A pencil drawer is in the center. An optional hutch is available. The hutch has 2 Cabinet Doors on Left & Fixed Shelf on Right with 1 Adj. Shelf Behind Cabinet Doors. Shown in black above, it can be finished in any of the colors offered above OR we also offer the option of finishing this item with ANY other Benjamin Moore paint color, for an additional charge. Drawer hardware options include painted wood knobs, cast iron knobs or crescent pulls and crystal knobs. This item can only be shipped within the contiguous states 48 states. Made in the USA. This desk is a wonderful addition to your decor.

    Homework Station

    Friday, August 16th, 2013

    How are you doing on your back to school shopping? Do you have backpacks, lunch boxes, and a new outfit to send your child back to school with? Super! Have you thought about what happens when they come home from school though? It’s time for homework to resume! The kids might not be thrilled by that, but if you create a space for them to work in that fits their needs, that is half the battle. Doing homework on your bed might seem good enough, but a proper work space can make all the difference. They need dedicated space where they can open their books, lay out their pens, pencils and calculators, and focus on the task at hand (vs the distraction of TV, video games, cell phones and other electronica). The faster they can get their homework done, the faster they can get back to what they really want to do – Play!

    How to set up a child’s workspace

    • choose a child-sized chair and desk for them to work at. Ensure that it will have enough space for all of their homework essentials, like books, computer, lighting (if necessary), and whatever else your child might need

    • remove distractions like televisions, gaming systems, and electronica from the area
    • make sure that they have any materials they might need handy, like pencils, rulers, erasers, extra paper, etc.
    • provide sufficient lighting for the task at hand

    • locate the workspace in a handy location, so that you can help out as necessary
    • if a computer is part of your child’s workspace, set up parental controls to ensure their cyber-safety while surfing the net
    • set up rules about when homework will be completed. Will it be immediately following school, after a snack, when you come home from sports practice, after dinner, before bed?  Whenever it is, is up to you, but making sure there is enough time to complete any assignments will help your child to succeed in their school careers and set up good lifelong scheduling habits

    • make sure that the space is your child’s own. Let them add some finishing touches that make them feel comfortable and that they own the space, whether that is photographs, a special trinket, or picking out their own bulletin board


    Remind children that homework is part of their schooling and it will help them in the long run. Having a space to do it in, is key. It is one step in helping them do the best that they can and will get them farther in life. Ultimately it is up to them, but starting them on the right path today is something you can help them with, and they take that into the future.

    Get Organized This Fall!

    Friday, August 24th, 2012

    The summer is a time of lazy days and long nights watching the stars twinkle overhead. Schedules and routines take a well-deserved siesta for a season, as we relax into the beauty that is summer. With the school session beginning and September almost upon us, it is time to get back into the swing of things again though. How do you get organized after a summer spent at the beach, pool or lazily watching the days whiz by in the comfort of your backyard? Do you need a few ideas of how you can smoothly re-organize you and the kids back to school, homework and extra-curricular activities, without spinning out of control. Put overdrive on pause and think about adding these helpful tools to keep life on an even keel.


    Let’s start with a weekly planner that will catch your eye. The momAgenda Weekly Planner Desk Pad is a great gift for a new Mom and a great addition to the household as well. Same great format, now for the whole family! The momAgenda family schedule pad features the unique momAgenda weekly format, with separate spaces for each person in the family? Whether you keep it on the kitchen counter or on the fridge, the whole family will be more organized!


    That covers the big things, but what about the everyday items like chores? Our custom children’s chore charts are unique and fun. With custom option specific to your child’s age and chores, each column can be personalized. From “practice piano, water plants, make bed, to practice violin, walk dog, make bed, each can be original to your own household. Cuter than any that we have seen, your little one will be eager to earn gold stars with our adorable chore chart. Specify up to nine tasks and we include the classic gold star stickers to make marking accomplished chores a breeze. Set a goal each week and fill in the “prize” that will be won if the child earns enough stars. An age-appropriate reward system that will encourage responsibility and independence. Your child will be scrambling to clean up those toys in order to “win” a scoop of ice cream, a new Matchbox car or a trip to the Zoo! Printed on natural white, text-weight paper. Order includes (2) pads with 50 sheets per pad, plus 275 gold foil stickers. Additional stickers available for purchase. Pads measure 9″ x 7.5″ inches.


    Now we’re cooking! Oh, speaking of cooking, sometimes that can be a chore in and of itself, don’t you think? I don’t know how often I have debated what to make for dinner and realize that I better make up my mind fast, as the clock says that should be served now! Take the stress out of mealtime with this weekly meal planner by MomAgenda. It is fabulous for the mom who has it all together. Our combo meal planner/day planner pad comes to the rescue! Here, you can track the weekly activities and plan meals accordingly. Now evening carpools won’t leave you scrambling to get something on the table. Each sheet has a bright orange border, and covers one full week. This undated pad has a magnet on the back so you can hang it on the fridge and keep the whole family on track.


    Now all that’s left to organize are the myriad playdates that should ensue when your child finds a new best friend at school that they have to hang out with. These fun personalized calling cards for Mom make life easy. No more searching for a pen and scrap of paper to scribble phone numbers on. Play dates and other arrangements can now be easy. This item features 48 2.5″ circles printed on 110lb card stock created with a professional inkjet printer. A great gift for mother’s everywhere.


    Happy Back-to-School season and good luck with your new routines!

    Getting Organized this Spring

    Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

    Is it just me or does life seem to speed up this time of year? Easter and Passover might be behind us, but there are still plenty of field trips for school, after school activities for the kids and the occasional outing for the adults in our households. Plus with Spring upon us, the outside world just begs to be explored and of course tidied up as well. Where do we find time for Spring cleaning inside and out, as well as the rest of life’s responsibilities? How about a few helpful suggestions from on ways to handle life’s busyness and organize life into a well-oiled machine?


    How about a little bit of pre-planning with these personalized menu planner pads? You can sit down and plan out the weekly menu during a quiet moment (its up to YOU find those spare 10 minutes!) and not have to worry about it again till next week. They make an adorable timesaver for the super busy mom! Get organized by using these tear off sheets to fill in your menu plans for everyday of the week. These stylish pads offer a convenient and easy way to organize your grocery shopping by providing space to map out meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. That will be one less responsibility to worry about on a daily basis!


    As we all are painfully aware of, a mother’s domain is that of the multitasker. So how can we maximize our effectiveness for the work-at-home Mom? What about with the desk blotter pad by Dabney Lee! Our new functional and sophisticated desk Blotter will help anyone get organized and looks quite snappy on your desk. Start by choosing your favorite style swatch, monogram font and color and we’ll design it for you! Then you can jot down menu ideas, important meetings and appointments, as well as craft ideas when they strike you without losing them in the clutter that can threaten to overwhelm the mortal mom.


    What you could really use is some HELP! And isn’t that the reason why you had children in the first place? Heehee! So get those delightful devils lined up and hand out jobs from the chore list that you craft on this Clairebella personalized clip board.

    New from Clairebella, our personalized clipboards are both useful and stylish. Instill your own sense of style and beauty in your home, school, or office with your own customizied clipboard. Don’t be caught walking around with a boring brown clipboard; have some fun with your work! These works of art have the aesthetic attractiveness to be used as decoration in your house or office. Custom designed with different patterns, background colors and fonts.


    And if you don’t get those volunteers, then why not strap on your runners and go jogging! Sometimes the best stress reliever is getting away from it all for a break, so that you can come back fresh. You are in luck too, as now carries personalized converse sneakers! The extra bonus is that they come in men’s and women’s sizes, so you can get Dad to be your running mate when you need to come up with other schemes as to how to make your household hum. So make a statement on the streets in your monogrammed custom Converse All Star Chuck Taylors. Dream of a design, and we can embroider it. Nice way to show off your style and favorite colors adding a “kick” to your everyday slip on converse. Featured in Town & Country, these will become one of your favorite shoes.

    Get ready for loads of compliments “where…did you get those shoes”


    Who Remembered to Change Their Clocks?

    Monday, March 12th, 2012


    Okay, who else forget to set their clocks forward this weekend? Yes, Daylight Savings Time began this past weekend, in case you forgot. Even if you remembered, I bet your children are still suffering from the time change though. I always find the Spring and Fall change of clocks are hard on kids. Just because it is marked on the calendar, doesn’t mean that their little bodies can adjust automatically. I expect that there will be many a nap time that will suffer this week! understands and feels for you! So let’s all throw a pitch at our clocks today!


    Let’s take aim at this cute clock for starters, but don’t throw the book at this one! This pink table top clock makes any nursery or children’s room fun. Ball feet, whimsical clock hands, and funky numbers make this clock unique. Available in pink, blue, and green stripe. A great time piece for any room.


    This “It’s time to” personalized wall art from Oopsy Daisy by artist Shelly Kennedy, teaches your little one the value of time; an ideal addition to the décor of your little one’s room. This top quality canvas reproduction is stretched over wood bars with no glass to break. This piece is made using the Giclee printing process and has the look and feel of an original painting. It is equipped with a wire hanger on the back for easy wall displaying so no framing is required. It can be wiped clean with a soft, dry cloth. Makes a wonderful addition to any child’s room, playroom or even beach house. Designed by artist, Shelly Kennedy with biography attached to the back.


    As we value time, sometimes we just need to prioritize how we use it. That’s why this time flies notepad is so handy! This notepad from the Bonnie Marcus Collection features a purple dragonfly with a tranquil green patterned background. The text on the note pad reads “Time flies, enjoy life”. The Note Pads measure 5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″, are printed on recycled white text weight paper and come with 60 lined sheets per pad.

    A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this product will be donated to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation and other organizations promoting breast cancer awareness.


    Who are we kidding though? When everyone is feeling a little run-down by that missing hour, it is time for drastic measures. An extra hour of cartoons, a pick-me-up cookie or how about some snuggle time with baby with this lullabies & daydreams: book for mom – music for baby set? This is a gift that both mom and baby can enjoy. The text is a treasury of reassuring advice and selected tidbits of wisdom for a new mom. The music CD contains some of the world’s most beloved lullabies performed by the renowned flutist James Gallway, and others. It is compiled by Lois Kaufman, with original text by Suzanne Siegel Zenkel and original illustrations by Amy Dietrich. The book measures 6 3/4″ square, has 64 pages and full color illustrations by Peter Pauper Press. feels that This is the best way to adjust to the time change. Wouldn’t you agree?


    Some Help with Your Early Christmas Shopping

    Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

    Jingle bells, Jingle bells…

    Oh excuse me! I still have songs in my head from shopping earlier. It would seem that Christmas is upon us, despite Thanksgiving still being two weeks away. Really though, there are only 45 days until Santa comes down the chimney! Plus, I just couldn’t help myself. You might hate me for saying this, but I have officially started my Christmas shopping. I need gifts for the neighbors and a little something for work associates, not mention the myriad of gifts for kids, the spouse and even the dog! So I thought I would start my shopping a little earlier this year. Plus, I can save a few pennies by catching the early deals. Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? Do you need a few ideas for those difficult to buy for people? Let’s see if can help you out with some early personalized gifts.


    First, lets think the neighbors. You noticed they had a lovely bathroom when they invited you over for a barbecue this past summer. Why not give them a personalized gift when you head over to their annual holiday gathering this year: original soaps trio with a name or phrase. It makes a perfect hostess gift! These custom personalized soap bars arrive carved in the name or phrase of your desire (up to 3 lines and 12 characters per line) presented in a timelessly elegant keepsake box. They are 100% vegetable based, Triple-Milled for luxurious lather and the freshest Personalized Soap in the marketplace.  Their warm white décor-complimenting color is gentle yet has an intoxicating aqua mineral scent(water-based fragrance: excellent for sensitive skin and noses). Perfect! First gift done!!


    Now, how about the office staff? Hmm, I know! You can’t go wrong with personalized mouse pads. This personalized mouse pad by Dabney Lee will add a splash of color to your desk. It is fun + functional, it doubles as a notepad! Customize this by selecting your favorite style swatch and monogram type and color. It is a great way to enjoy your room or office. These make a great gift for teachers, teens and even your secret Santa gift for the lady in the corner office!


    And is anyone else like me in buying a little something for the kid’s teachers? Well, why not pick up something helpful this year like a new clairebella personalized mugs. You want to keep the poor teacher awake while they listen to the seventh presentation on life cycles of a frog, right? The Clairebella personalized mugs are the perfect gift for anyone on your holiday list. Make this stylish mug a token of love and care and gift it to your best buddy. The 15 oz mug can be utilized to perk up the mornings with a filtered hot coffee. Choose from wide array of patterns, fonts and personalization styles to add a personal touch to the mug. It also makes a perfect souvenir item for friends, family and co-workers.


    And one last thought for today; what about the babysitter? Ugh, gift cards always work, but how about something with a little more thought this year. You know that all teens have them nowadays, so what about a cell phone case? Our clairebella personalized cell phone case with zebra pattern will give your expensive smartphone the ultimate protection while still keeping it stylish and sleek. The zebra design is exotic and attractive. These are made out of Lexan, higher than the status quo plastic which is extremely durable and easily snaps onto your device. Custom design your cell phone by pattern, color, and font. The inscription of your choice is heat printed onto the case, so there is no chance it will ever rub off or fading. This is a fantastic gift for pretty much anyone! Maybe Santa will bring you one too!


    See, now you are in the Christmas spirit too! So start clicking and watch your holiday list get crossed off long before it was last year. Happy Holidays!




    Happy Halloween

    Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

    personalized invitations – haunted halloween



    Perfectly poised with

    Pumpkin parties

    Yearning  for youthful grins

    Haunted hayrides

    Apple Address Labels

    And Autumn’s apples

    Leave little leeway for

    Lighthearted laughing leprechauns

    Or organizations of ominously

    monster magnetic figures

    Wicked witches and warlocks

    Eerily eking out evil

    Easily enough for everyone

    Not to enjoy the nature of the night…

    Call the Babysitter; It’s date night!

    Monday, September 20th, 2010

    When your baby is born life as you know it may seem to cease to exist, but eventually night feedings abate and sleep returns to a degree. Easing into new parenthood can be wonderful, but also an adjustment. While you certainly love your child, sometimes you still have to have make some time to yourself. That means allowing someone else to step in and help take over care, if only for an hour or so. Yes, it is time for the babysitter.

    Whether it be Grandma, Uncle Rob or the girl that lives up the street, you need to make sure that you are comfortable leaving your child in someone else’s hands. That means informing them where you are going, when you will be back and writing down the phone number where you can be reached in case of emergency.  Tacking your cell phone number onto this stylish Fabric memo boards is the perfect solution. While you can use it to display your favorite photos or memorabilia, it comes in very handy to have those notes for the babysitter prominently displayed as well. The large memo board is covered in high quality children’s fabric, then crisscrossed with a ribbon. You can choose from one of the many fabric choices to get one just right for your room.

    If you want to leave more detailed directions for the babysitter, then this is the perfect item for you. Instead of scrawling instructions on the kitchen notepad every time you hire a sitter, jot them down once and for all in “A Parent’s Journal for the Babysitter”. It is an extremely well-organized diary of all your baby’s routines, special likes, dislikes, and important phone numbers. It comes equipped with tabbed sections and categories ,and there’s even a separate pad for contact information and schedules. It’s so simple, stylish and useful, that this will be one of the most valuable tools you own. No more worries about leaving your child to new caregivers or visiting relatives.

    So once you have booked the sitter, the restaurant and your partner for that hot date night out, the only thing left to do is gussy up for the occasion. Slide into that little dress that you save just for moments like this and slip on those heels. When grabbing accessories, turn some heads with this silver Colette necklace. Ultra-feminine with a rocker vibe, this pastiche of braided reproduction pearls, silver-plated chains, and a CZ cupchain is all tied up with a pretty, blush grosgrain bow. If Tia Carrere can sport this gorgeous necklace with 18″ ribbon on each side, 14″ chain and pearl braid, and a self-tie closure, then certainly you can step out with confidence as well. Even actress Stephanie Pratt  wore this at an Award Show event! So if you are headed out for a special evening out why not pamper yourself all the way. With the babysitter in charge at home, enjoy your well deserved night out with flair.

    Need Ideas for a Home Office ?

    Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

    At Work At Home – Design Ideas for Your Home Workplace by Neal Zimmerman

    Anyone who has ever thought about making a home office or has a home office and they want to be inspired to freshen it up or maybe move it to another whole area of your house needs this book! “Over 50 million Americans, the place the call work is home. While many home workers and telecommuters sit at a desk and computer, many other work in artist’s studios, sewing rooms, aerobics classrooms, even in tree houses.”

    This is an amazing book! I knew once I started looking through this book the author had to be an architect with his dedication to the details, the information, and the gorgeous color photos. It is a fresh take on home work spaces looks at a wide range of designs to suit some unique employment needs, from a day-care center to a dance studio. 300 color photos. 50 drawings.

    “Whatever the work and whatever the space, successful workplaces share three basic features: They balance work life and home life, they’re well planned and well organized, and they have a personal spirit about them that stimulates their owners to doe their best work.”

    His chapter titles and headings include: first steps, know your needs, choose your location, create the right environment, shared spaces, niche spaces, dedicated to work, adding on, a place of your own, and going public. I have checked out this book more than once and it has now move to my “I need to Buy” list and that is a very select list for me. I love books and reading books – but to get me to buy a book I need to have checked it out at the library at least 3 times and still want for it more.

    This is a gorgeous and stunning book filled with beautiful photographs with every possible idea and scenario for your home office. I am moving soon to a new house and I am soo inspired by this book to design my new home office. I am going to library right now to renew it while I am waiting for my next Barnes and Noble coupon to come in my e-mail so I can buy it!

    Personalized Clip Boards by Dabney Lee makes “to-do” lists so much fun. The lucite clip board with custom design works in the kitchen, on the desk at home and, of course, in your office. It’s the perfect way to keep things stylishly organized!

    Dabney Lee’s sassy file folders make work fun. The outside of the folders are printed in zebra moderne, criss cross, and happy tile patterns. Inside there are coordinating snappy interior patterns. Use these folders to hide boring paperwork. They make a great gift for students, grads and office make-overs.


    Get your life organized with the Mom Agenda

    Monday, March 22nd, 2010

    This Mom Agenda in sophisticated crocodile pattern, features a 3-ring day planner and personal agenda. Introduce the most luxurious momAgenda ever: the Personal Portfolio is a gorgeous new momAgenda day planner featuring a brand new, bonded leather 3-ring binder! This flexible system includes everything you love about momAgenda and more. And now, using a 3-ring binder system, you can customize it to fit your needs!

    Our binders are made of the highest quality bonded leather, in colors that are gorgeous and fun. Each binder includes pockets for holding extra papers and business cards, as well as a snap closure.

    Features that made momAgenda famous, like our unique weekly layout with space for mom and up to four children, that makes managing multiple schedules a breeze. Includes monthly views too.

    It also features space for writing in all your essentials, like important phone numbers, kids’ and adults’ medical information, birthdays, websites and passwords, addresses and more.

    Includes our brand new “To Do” section, featuring the unique layout from our popular “To Do List” Desk Pad.

    Our “Notes” section consists of blank lined pages for when you need to take notes.

    Our “Planning” section includes space for party planning, vacation planning and more.

    Colored tabs keep each section separate for your ease and convenience. A flexible, removable ruler is included so you can mark your page.

    Personal Portfolio refills will be available next year for all sections.

    The Personal Portfolio size is 7” x 10”.

    Color Options:
    # Crocodile-Embossed Bonded Leather: Storm Gray, Crimson

    Personalization Options:
    Available in two fonts: print or script.
    Choose from three colors: gold, silver or blind-emboss.
    Choose either Mom’s full name or 3 initials

    Check out all the options for our best selling planner The Mom Agenda.

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