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    Road Tripping

    Saturday, July 13th, 2013

    Summertime is wonderful for so many things; swimming, relaxing, getting together with friends. It is also a wonderful time to plan a family road trip. Whether the destination is the family cottage, a local campground or destinations unknown, road trips have long been a staple of many an American family. Why not join on a road trip today…

    Going on a Road Trip

    How about Newport for a destination? Ah, but the question is which one to choose? Should you point towards Newport, Rhode Island, part of the New England go-to summer destinations, filled with colonial homes, and a great place to take in some sailing or yachting? How about a little further afield to Newport, Oregon. Nestled on the Pacific Coast, this quiet town still has plenty to offer. How can it not, with the ocean on its doorstep, lighthouses to explore, andthe Oregon Coast Aquarium to marvel at!


    Where else might tempt your compass point? How about the bright lights, big city feel of Manhattan! If you want excitement, you’ll certainly find it here. One of the 5 boroughs of New York City, it is the smallest, but most densely populated of them. Home of Times Square, the Empire State Building, United Nations Headquarters, Wall Street, and the iconic Greenwich Village, there is literally something to see and do in Manhattan for anyone’s tastes.


    Once you have had enough of the energy of Manhattan, it is just a hope and a skip to the Hamptons on the other side of Long Island, New York. The playground for the rich and famous have been using The Hamptons as a summer retreat for years. With some of the most expensive zip codes in the country, you might not be able to make this part of the US your permanent home, but it certainly is fun to see how the other half lives as part of a summer road trip.


    It is difficult to make suggestions appropriate for all of’s fans though. We live in an amazing country with so many incredible sights to see from East to West, and North to South. You could take a road trip a simple as a trip to the beach, or as extensive as a journey to see all of our great states by land. The best bet is for us to provide you with a map and let you pick your own destination. Then the world is your oyster, as far as destinations go.

    Don’t forget to let us know where you go and how the trip goes!

    Summer Fun

    Monday, June 11th, 2012

    School’s Out! Well, it is for a lot of kids already. The kids have tossed their backpacks into the back of their closets for another year. Lunch bags need to be fumigated or tossed in most cases (there will be time enough to replace them later in the summer). Homework is forgotten. Bathing suits become the standard garb for a season. So bring on the summer fun!

    What are your plans for this summer? Will the kids live in the backyard pool or is summer camp on their horizon? Perhaps you pack up for the cottage for a long retreat from the city for a slower, simpler life.  That sounds great to me, but as an adult, it can sometimes be difficult to ditch that job for the few months that the children are off. Realistically, in this day and age summer fun for adults is relegated to a mere two weeks, so entertainment is in order for your kiddos. If summer camp all season long is beyond your reach, that means coming up with fun and maybe even educational activities for the kids to do around the house this year. Take a gander at some of Babybox’s playtime fun ideas for your kids.



    If the backyard is the playground of choice this summer, you might want to think about upgrading from the old, rusty metal climber that is sinking into the grass back there right now. Think modern and long-term fun for your children’s playtime enjoyment. The Vinyard Cottage playhouse is a work of art, designed to enhance any home’s exterior and provide a whimsical and interactive environment for children to play. Each playhouse is custom designed to appeal to your taste. Any look – from a fairy tale cottage to a miniature replica of your own home can be created. These luxury playhouses even include basic amenities such as water and indoor/outdoor lighting. Designs range from cozy cottages to rugged forts and tree houses. This house, designed and built by Alan Mowrer can be customized in any way you like to meet your specific needs. As an added safety feature, the design team can install a wireless communication hook-up with the main house. Ceiling heights average eight feet, allowing adults to stand comfortably inside – yet retaining a charming scale and appeal. Principles of good design are utilized and applied on a scaled-down version.


    If the summer heat already has you beat, then what about a play structure for indoors? This indoor playset will keep your kids busy all day long. Make lunch. Do your laundry. Call Dr. Reed. Phone a friend…. Thank you, Rhapsody for creating such a great playset. Since we all want our kids to be healthy and more active – now be it rain or shine, they can. Children spend more than 90% of every day indoors where healthy active play is a challenge. This playset is your answer.

    Now, whether it’s raining or snowing, or too early or too late, or too hot or too cold, or you’re simply too busy keeping up with what’s inside your home to go outside, Rhapsody is the playfully beautiful solution for active indoor play. Certainly beats the heat and uncertainty of what your local play ground might have on offer on any given day.


    If these ideas are grand, but a little too large for your space, don’t fret. Take a look at this play tent and tell me you don’t have space for the fun it will certainly bring! This Helen play tent by Lucy and Michael is perfect for any baby’s big brother or sister to play in. Imaginative play at its best! Children love the lined doors and paned windows in each lucy & michael play tent. Parents love the design – solid, painted wood and great prints. The Charlotte model is black and white baroque floral with yellow and black accents. Parents love giving their children an heirloom-quality toy that requires no whistles or lights to delight. And children are amused literally for hours on end as they thrill in occupying a space of their own. Without fail, your child’s friends and play dates will beg to “go in the tent!”.


    Whew, feel that heat! If it feels like you are burning up, then a fire truck’s the perfect solution for hours of hot fun for your little one. The pedal car deluxe fire truck has a flashing light and a ringing bell that will delight every would-be fire-fighter. Just like the originals, this pedal car is made of heavy gauge steel and is ready for hours of play. Inspired by the famous and highly collectible “SAD FACE” pedal Fire Truck of the 1940′s, it is true in all details. There is no tailgate, but a rear step just like the originals. The fire truck comes in a deep red highlighted with white graphics. Real high quality wooden ladders grace the rear resting on their own chrome plated, high hoop, grab bars. Speaking of chrome, this vehicle has lots of it, the windshield, steering wheel, ringing bell and the hubcaps are all chromed. Even the flashing light has a chrome base. Adjustable pedals. Recommended ages 2 to 6 years old. Adult supervision required.


    If you want to get in on the fun, tossing a ball back and forth has always been a great way to spend an afternoon. The Perfect Gift for the All-American Baby and this will become a favorite gift received. Welcome a new baby to the Big League of Life with this commemorative Nokona first baseball glove! Available in Pale Pink, Baby Blue, Dark Blue, Natural or Red Customize your glove with your choices of color, and include the child’s full name, birth date, and a center icon. My First baseball glove by Nokona? is branded with the Nokona signature logo and name, and is an authentic mini child’s size 9″ glove made of genuine leather. Handcrafted from Top Grain cowhide by the 75 year old Nokona Athletic Goods Company, this custom embroidered glove will mark the birth of your little ballplayer to be. This is not only a great baby gift, but is loved by toddlers as well. It’s the perfect size for them to use! Wonderful as a gift for grandchildren, nieces, nephews or family friends, these gloves are the exact same gloves used by generations of Nokona customers.


    What are your plans for summer fun this year?

    Black Friday

    Friday, November 26th, 2010

    We’re in the money! Or so we hope anyway. Yes, it is Black Friday today. The day to celebrate when we are out of the red and into the black. So, let’s paint it black today;

    The Art for Kids Evan Armoire with caning is a decorative choice for any room. The piece has doors with a lovely caned doors and is done in a black base finish and gold gilding. It is crafted from 100% birch and alder wood and made with the finest attention to detail. This is a classic piece that is sure to bring elegance to any room.

    The Black Tea Cate Diaper Bag is a stylish way for Mom to bring along all the stuff she needs for herself and baby. The bag is made from wipeable microfiber and equipped with lots of compartments inside and out. Includes a changing pad. You’ll have everything you need and look great.

    Here we have the black and white toile silk crib bedding by art for kids. These silk crib linens feature classic gingham combined with sophisticated toile to help create an elegant nursery for your baby. This Four-piece set includes a ruffled black toile bumper, toile and gingham coverlet, 100% cotton fitted sheet and a dust ruffle of gathered black gingham crib skirt.

    This fabulous black racer pedal car will zoom with your racer in it. Our Racer was inspired by the famous 1952-1957 Ferrari F2 Racers and other Grand Prix type racers of the era. It’s a beautiful car and so well proportioned that most people are unaware of how big it is. Almost 50% bigger than our other pedal cars, it comes with chrome rims, a chrome steering wheel, chrome knock off spinners, chrome windshield, and a big chrome grille. Adult supervision required.

    This Charlotte play tent by Lucy and Michael is perfect for any baby’s big brother or sister to play in. Imaginative play at its best! Children love the lined doors and paned windows in each lucy & michael play tent. Parents love the design – solid, painted wood and great prints. The Charlotte model is black and white baroque floral with yellow and black accents. Parents love giving their children an heirloom-quality toy that requires no whistles or lights to delight. And children are amused literally for hours on end as they thrill in occupying a space of their own. Without fail, your child’s friends and play dates will beg to “go in the tent!”

    Spring is Here – Perfect time for an Outdoor Playhouses

    Friday, March 26th, 2010

    Our collection of luxury playhouses is custom designed to appeal to the clients specific taste and to compliment the main house and grounds. We can create any look, from a fairy tale cottage, rugged fort, tree house to a miniature replica of your own home. Not to be overlooked are the basic amenities any home must have: water and indoor/outdoor lighting. As an added safety feature, we can install a wireless communications hook-up with the main house.

    We handcraft each house and include details such as hardwood floors, bay windows, and wooden shutters. These are meticulously designed works of art. These playhouses enhance any home’s exterior. Ceiling heights average eight feet allowing adults to stand comfortably inside. Each house has a living room and upstairs bedrooms. Many playhouses have been made with actual kitchen having running water in them, sunrooms and media rooms. Yet, the still remain their charming scale and appeal.

    Good taste should begin early. We follow the basic principles of good design and apply them in a scaled down version. A discriminating family wouldn’t just hire anyone to design their home; our clients feel the same way about a playhouse for their children. These are custom designed so, please, specify a budget with which you are comfortable and we will send you the proper information. Each house is built on site anywhere in the country. La Petite Maison designer Alan Mowrer will make sure each house will be made exactly how you like it.

    We also design children’s furnishings for both the playhouse or child’s room. We can create almost any accessory desired-from a basic table and chair set to a petite-sized wooden stove and refrigerator. For the family pets that might feel overlooked, we also designed customized doghouses.

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